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English Teacher
Writing, music (ukulele and harmonica), movie making and media, creativity, and drama.
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At my heart I’m a creative soul. I love to write and am a skilled writer. I’ve written and self-published several books, have written a few stage and screen plays (two shorter stage performances I’ve directed and performed in), and am learning about music. If you’re expecting Mozart, well, .... I’m not there yet. If you’re expecting Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I may be able to help out. I’m currently learning ukulele, uBass, and guitar.

I am currently taking classes towards a degree in Digital Video Media Technology. Right now I’m teaching online English classes to kids in China. Before that I taught a wide range of speech, writing, management, and math classes at the college level. Right now I simply don’t want to continue teaching. As opposed to teaching, I want to work on creative endeavors with others—more as an equal as opposed to a superior.

I think that really hits a core of my being and belief system. I don’t like over-under type relationships where one is in a superior position and someone else is an underling. I much prefer to work with and have relationships with equals. I’m been involved with a Writer’s Group that really fits that ideal. As part of that group, I’ve been involved with several anthologies—including being editor, proofreader, and file creator for one of them. For the others I was simple a contributor.

I do consider myself more Messianic in my belief system. I find following the Old Testament feasts and festivals advantageous in my faith journey.
First Date
I’m more of an introvert, so something that is quiet and would allow us to talk. It could simply be meeting at a coffee shop, going out to a park, or even going to some sort of small venue event (like a small music event). Even just going to a meeting with my Messianic family or going to a meeting with a writer’s group would be fun. Obviously, some of it would depend on the other person and their interests.

When I say I’m an introvert, don’t get the idea that I’m shy. I don’t mind getting in front of people and performing. I also don’t mind taking charge of a project. I have somewhat of a Picard personality. Yes, I am a Star Trek fan, but if you know Picard, you know what I’m talking about. While he is highly introverted, he’s also highly capable of taking charge of a situation or being the center of attention. I have that same personality twist—somewhat of an extroverted introvert.
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