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Missionary and Community Developer
Torah study, working out, writing, working with orphans, teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven!
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I am a Nazarene Israelite (very similar to Orthodox Messianic Judaism). I really really love Torah study and usually think INSIDE the cube. A woman who has a love for truth and wants to understand the truths of heaven more than I, indeed, she is worthy of being 'besheret.' What drives me is the knowledge of Yah and worshipping Him in the beauty of holiness! (Psalm 29:2; 96:9) I'm a perfectionist--one who desires the heart of YHWH and seeks to inquire it in my inward parts. I love to mold and fashion truth, as I am a writer. My two favorite books of the Bible are Genesis and Revelation (The First and the Last-Rev. 1:11) My two favorite chapters in the Bible are Gen. 1 and Rev. 12. One of my favorite subjects to study in the Scriptures is Zion. Why Zion? Because this is the beloved of Yah, and if its Yah's beloved, then its my beloved.

I also like to work out and eat healthy and would want my bride to do the same with me. And doing the such makes for a higher quality and more fulfilling life, even in the bedroom.
First Date
I am not looking for dating but Hebrew courtship. In Hebrew courtship, a man gets to know the woman's family. Ideally, he has to get through her father before he can get to her. Also, unlike dating, Hebrew courtship is with the intention to get married.

I also am welcoming a righteous woman who understands the man's role to lead. A woman who would walk with me and allow me to lead her in truth, holiness, and righteousness. A woman who would not be a dead weight, but a help-meet (ezer-keneged) to propel me in my secular and spiritual work for the Kingdom of Heaven. That is, as I take care of her, guard her, and cherish her as my own.
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