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1 or 2 on occasion
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Possibly, who knows
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Yes but not living at home
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HS Graduate
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poetry,writting,music,board games,cartoons on occasion,philosophy,learning to play guitar
About Me
My name is tyler im 30 years old live in a small town. And want to experience my life like there may never be a tomorrow live every day like its my last by getting out of my shell a little pushing past those awkward feelings and fears about life meet new have new and beautiful experiences so i asked my friends to help with describing the person i am

Very quirky child like and fun knows how to laugh
Has a thing for random useless information because its fun
Loves making peoples day where ever he is just by the way he interacts with them
Is a very loving kind compassionate man
Not afraid to be open about his feelings or to cry tears of joy or tears of sadness
Has a very interesting outlook on life that often makes others really look at them selves
Believes in pushing past his own fears and boundaries
And striving for something greater than him self
There are no right or wrong answers in life just right or wrong choices and takes chances on things to see where they may lead because the only failure is not trying

The qualities i would admire or appreciate the most ina person

Quirky ,fun,out going, a passion for life , a passion for god,
Is a good listener , not afraid of speaking what is on their mind because they also think outside the box and view life differently ,honesty cuz there is no shame in being honest,

A few more thinge about me

I dont like water melons for they are the bane of my existence ๐Ÿคฃ
I like teasing people who dont like pine apples on pizza cuz how un canadian ๐Ÿ˜†
Im very witty and often have very lack luster one liners dad jokes truly are the best๐Ÿ˜‡
Im most passionate about the relationship i have with my dsughter she truly is an angel like i was born to be a dad and its ny greatest joy in life because ive always loved children
I have a very wild and child like imagination which i really try to encorporate into my writings but because of this i really love cartoons and how they really show imagination
Theres never bot enough reason to be over dressed some what a hobby of mine
Relation ships are everything in life from friendships to family its how we leave a mark on this world and it is truly precious in gods sight
First Date
i love coffee or tea and honestly would mind going to star bucks or tim hortons even my favourite places to meet people really
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