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IT Systems Engineer
Jesus!, camping, hiking, fishing, pottery, art, videogames, boardgames, music
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LFG: DPS Lock ISO Healer/Tank/DPS for Love Bombs

Is that headline too nerdy? I've got some cred.

I'm kinda goofy and (I think hilarious, though my kids constantly tell me I'm not; they are young and foolish). Been an IT nearly 20 years and wish I was herding goats somewhere. Not huge on social media but a little. Like to fool around in the kitchen since I used to work restaurants, and just this past weekend almost, but not quite, completely failed to make Vietnamese crispy pancakes. My biggest joy is spending time with my kids weekends, videogames and deep talks, watching TV shows I've never seen before, playing with our dog and cats with them. It's funny how much kids change us and help us become better versions of ourselves because we just love them so much and want them to have a good model of what is looks like being an adult (still working on that lol). I'm an old-school nerdpunk that grew up. Hoping to find my artistic self again soon. Learn to play the cello, get back to throwing clay, painting. Lots of the music, Exploited, Dead Kennedy's, JSBach, Public Enemy, The Flaming Lips, Morphine, Rich Mullins, Cat Stevens, George Straight, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Berurier Noir, The Call, Poor Old Lu, whoever composed that Minecraft music, Black Keys, White Stripes/Jack White, Yo Yo Ma. I'm goofy and out there sometimes but can be deeper and serious about life and death, philosophy, theology, what this all means and why so many of us (all?) are broken and distorted reflections of what we are meant to be. I'm a follower of Jesus (Hebrew neck tats FTW) and am trying to listen to him and love others well. I'm not always successful but I'm working at it every day.  'Old movie romance and passionate kisses', 'Seen through two pairs of eyes', don't like to admit it but I'm a Hopeless romantic that wants to fall for someone again. I've always believed in true love and all that but might be a little jaded. Been separated the last five years withan impending finalization of divorce and while have been pretty content and happy by myself, I have been a bit lonely and would like to believe there's some beautiful woman that would love me deeply and honestly. Honesty is huge for me. Secrets are poison. Maybe we can have some fun weekends roaming around exploring fun places we haven't been before, looking for adventure and romance. Still hoping my Dejah Thoris is out there.

Surf, salt air, and seafood vs. Lakehouses, clean mountain air, and grilled meat

Do you realize?/The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song/Toshimi Battles the Pink Robots (The Flaming Lips, man, I hope in some alternate universe I get to be Wayne Coyne; Life choices, man....maybe there's still time)

Cats vs Dogs (which taste better?)

Why is Tabletop Games two words but Boardgames is one?
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Dinner or a Dogwalk?
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