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My past: Raised in a religiously divided home (Pentecostal Christian mother and Hare Krishna father), wayward and evicted in my teens multiple times, baptized at 18 as an SDA, worked in various jobs from fruit stacking, site caretaker, to electronics assembly, IT administration, electronic security, telecommunications infrastructure contracting, DC power conversion systems.

Regularly involved in church activities, teaching/preaching, evangelism, bible studies and outings. Learning many lessons about myself and Jesus... sometimes joyfully, sometimes painfully.

My present: Left the cities 9 years ago for a quieter life in the dry side of the Darling Downs. I buy, restore and sell lawn tractors and ride on mowers as a sole trader, using a workshop on my land. I don't have a house, and live in a pair of rusty, junky old caravans that are full of spiders and leak when it rains. My huge, brand new workshop shed is the Taj Mahal in comparison. I'm completely off grid, the sun and the rain from God's sky are my life and electricity. I have two fully functional inverter systems that provide my electricity, so I have all the major home conveniences with enough in reserve for rainy days. I'm not a doomsday prepper, nor do I get along at all with such people. My choice to live this life is partly counsel from SOP, and partly my own desire to return to my childhood experience which was enriched with time in nature and camping along the coast. It's a harsh and brutal environment at times, but also has moments of Edenic beauty.

Being located an hour from several major cities and towns, I alternate between the few SDA churches here and have occasional ministry tasks in all of them. I pray for and, where the Lord leads, share my faith with my neighbours, also being mindful of the friendships that I build with them which, hopefully, will help them to see Jesus in me and dispel the false ideas of God that the world instills in them.

My future: I have debt to pay off, a legacy of a failed business venture when Covid policy prevented me from operating. My current business earns a steady but small income, enough to pay the bills and plan for a proper house at some point in the future. I have the potential to earn a six figure income, but after years of working in high stress, risky and corrupt work environments, I've left those options off the table, in favour of taking care of my health and faith. I have no intention of ever moving back to a city or town, even if it means a life of meagre takings. In this place, I already have an experience that many spend their entire lives paying for. This means I won't be planning any trips overseas, at least not unless God clearly indicates I should. To do otherwise is a frivolous waste of time and money. Being in my mid 40's and somewhat fatigued with this world, I'm not motivated to start a family, unless God clearly gives me a positive yes.

My faith: I am a baptized member of the SDA church. I support the church's work and pay my tithes and offerings. The church may have it's flaws and problems, but Jesus and the NT writers forewarned us of this, and so I do not see such as a reason to reject or dissasociate from the church. I believe in the authority of scripture and study it daily. I believe and study Ellen White's writings, as the prophetic gift they are to God's remnant church. I believe and practice our health message, and apart from free range eggs, I'm vegan and do all my own cooking. I believe in our lifestyle principles, and see the home as a sanctuary from the world and it's distractions. I have no interest in movies, secular music and TV shows and don't want them in the home. I wasted years of my life binging on such, and am conscious of what I do with my time in the present, and the impact it has on me as a person. I avoid places and activities that contradict God's will, so I'm quite picky about what I watch online, what I do when I'm out, etc.

If what you've read so far gives the impression of a super religious person, let me assure you that this is far from the case. Without Jesus, I am brittle, unstable and morally obtuse. I came from a broken home, having to learn my new faith through many failures and setbacks as I learned to trust Jesus and allow Him to transform me. I still feel 20 years behind in my life, in spite of the progress that God has made in me. If I've learned anything, it's that Jesus loves me more than I can know, and wants me to be saved in the new home that He's making for me. He never gives up on us, His hand is always stretched out to us if we are willing to take it and let go of ourselves. All that we do as Adventists is not a checklist of do's and don'ts, but rather an outpouring of God's wisdom to transform our hearts and minds, to guard us against the negative influences that would draw us away from Him and help us to live in His presence. I'm far from perfect, I still have to humble myself and confess my sins at times and lean on Jesus' grace. This is the inner experience, often hidden by the upright religious exterior and judged by the superficial eye.
I believe our prophetic message, and am conscious of the fact that this world will give way to a transfomation of being when Jesus returns, and we enter into a whole new chapter of life with Him for all eternity. So I pray that He will lead me to see the blessings of the present as a foretaste of the life to come, and not things to be obsessively pursued and possessed.

About me personally: I have a dry and abstract sense of humour. Shallow conversations about sport, celebrities and other culture-lite topics are of no interest to me. I'm creative with literature and technology, I prototype electronics as a hobby and maintain a few Linux servers. There are things I'd like to do on my property, which will come to fruition as time and finances permit. I sing somewhat, and have been in a church choir as well as an orchestra playing clarinet many years ago. Sometimes, I like taking a walk in the mountain trails nearby, or just taking a nap in the shed, lying on the concrete. I don't have any pets, but do have a soft spot for animals and sometimes find myself taking an injured animal home and finding care for it.
My work often invovles long drives to purchase or deliver machines, so I get to drive the long country highways and take in the scenery while I think about life. I'm quite the introvert, preferring time with a few close friends than large crowds, and value my times of solitude just working with my hands.

About the person I'd like to meet: Basically, re-read everything up to this point, and consider how much of me aligns with you. I don't expect a mirror reflection of myself, nor do I desire it. But we must have similar goals and values, such that even our differences will work together for good. You don't have to be perfect, but at least have a clear understanding of what perfection is in God's eyes (Read Matthew 5:43-48) and believe that He can lead us to it inspite of ourselves. We have to like (as opposed to love) each other, and enjoy each other's company. I do have a cheesy romantic side, hidden away for the right person. If you are overseas, please be aware that I'm not in a position to make any trips abroad and don't know when that will change. I get many messages here and at best, can manage to be a penpal at distance. Guard your heart, and don't assume that communication equals commitment. My routine is quite busy, I often take days or more to respond to messages. This will always be the case.
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We will bring our cooking to somewhere nice and enjoy the fruits of our labors.
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