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God is Love, Light, Good, mostly Love.
God's Spirit is the breath of life that moves, separate and outside of the dark waters.
God's Love is so pure and so great that if he did not have something to Love it would burst.
Before God created, there was only formlessness, emptiness, dark deep waters, death and evil Devil.
Darkness is the kingdom that is the Devil.
Light is the Kingdom that is God.
Dark deep waters are made of nothing, dead, evil, what remains without God.
God wants nothing to do with nothingness, dead, evil, formlessness, emptiness, darkness, waters.
God first created Heaven his realm made of light. Named the Light Daylight said it was good.
Darkness he named Night, yet it was not good.
God's realm of light has form, is filled, and alive.
God created angels to give to them his love.
Half the angel chose to love him back.
The others beginning with Lucifer Gods closest angel and then the rest chose to serve Darkness.
God could not have darkness in his Kingdom of Light so he through them out.
Heavens angels were not enough to share all the love he has.
God created a firm boundary a shielded space in the middle of the dark waters and named it Heaven.
God could not say Heaven is good because parts of the heaven are not good.
God trapped some dark waters inside the Heaven to use it for his purpose.
God placed the waters under the Heaven into one place and place Earth on top to pressurize water.
God's earth would also filter the evil, corrupt water, into good useful water to keep it moving.
God's plants would absorb the water, filter it even further and use it to keep it moving.
God filled the cosmos to keep Earth moving.
God filled the seas and air with animals to keep them moving.
God filled the earth with land animals to keep plants and earth moving.
God Made man to keep earth and the land animals moving.
God needed to be sure what man would choose God's way or Man's way (Satan's Way)
God's Love is free choice not forced oppression.
God made the Garden of E'-den to test his A'-dam.
God made the Tree of Life, or Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to test our Free Choice.
Man and woman chose man's way and man's way which is actually Satan's way is death.
God in his love told us the consequences covered us from too much shame with clothes.
God sent us to live the lives we chose not in the Garden of E'-den.
Sin is the separation from God.
Jesus is God's solution to giving us a way back.
God's bible is God's new way to communicate to us.
Prayer is for man to communicate to God.
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First let us get to know each other then we will work up to date.
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