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From peaceful country to energetic city... Autumn, 2010--Arrived to Indianapolis from the Amish country of Lancaster, PA. I have loved things about the Amish and their culture since I was young, but I have never been Amish. August after August my parents and I would travel from New England and get my grandparents from the land of coal--Shamokin (love Coney Island!)--and we would stay in the heart of the Lancaster's Dutch Country. A week or more at Bird-In-Hand--favorite place--was wonderful. I think you could almost feel a change when you approached this place of tranquility.
Now... 2010.... after I arrived in "Colts Country", I noticed that the team was very popular (maybe more so than the Eagles in Philadelphia). The Patriots were the team where grew up--New England (although born on Cape Cod, I really noticed it after my family and I moved to the Mt. Washington Valley of NH). On day I was walking the center of Indianapolis, and I eventually came upon the Lucas Oil Stadium. I walked up the steps and then said a prayer that the Patriots would soundly defeat them. Patriots became number 1 in the NFL and the Colts... well, the Colts.
January 2015 I returned. I have lived in Hershey and Lancaster and often visited Harrisburg, but never actually lived here.
My favorite sporting event is the Olympics, especially the Summer Games. I love the scale and the grandeur. It gives a sense of something bigger than oneself (similar to the stars above at night).
Often I have been asked about siblings. I have none. My mother was not supposed to be able to have children. I have heard repeatedly that I was a miracle baby.
I have heard that the first thing people notice about me is my eyes or lips. One girl from Rome asked if I was Greek. My voice also has gotten attention. Have been asked if I was from overseas. I did a year and a half in radio while I was going for my BS in Communications Studies with Speech emphasis.
One might say that my secret talent is being double jointed. A doctor said if there was such a thing as triple jointed, that is what I would have.
Really like to travel (love long drives--but flying, where you burst through cotton white clouds to sun and blue sky, or at night, seeing the earth like a lit computer grid). I have wanted to go to Africa. Egypt is a place I have desired for years (the warm, orange light in the atmosphere coated by the sun... the sands--exotic). When I was in VA going for my education I got to meet people from Africa and one place I lived I got to experience homemade African cooking (goat was a new experience).
Now I have been in Cape Cod, the White Mts. of NH and I was down in VA going for my undergrad and my masters. I also was in Hershey, where the chocolate dust covers vehicles and you can smell it in the air.
Love the ocean, the sea. I used to live on Cape Cod as a child and I have really enjoyed author Peter Benchley's writtings which involve the water and the ocean in such a way one could feel as if one was there. When I lived in the White Mts. of NH, I climbed Mt. Washington with a friend and that evening we went to the opening of Saving Private Ryan and Stephen King was in line with his wife and son (he was carrying Patrica Cornwell's Point of Origin). An enjoyable day.
Very much love movies (I often go by who the director is, and in that case it was my favorite, Steven Spielberg). Visual style draws me to particular movies, such as the work of Ridley Scott, Brian De Plama and Stanley Kubrick. I love going to a cinema in which there is a big screen and great sound system, with several channels of audio. In Harrisburg, PA, before digital projection was popular, I would go to one that had Super Screens.
Although I have love for high definition and 3D, I am looking forward to what comes after 4K... 8K UHD. Interesting how dvd seemed to be the ultimate and then high definition came along and now that does not seem as good.
My view on happiness is that it does not have to depend on what is outside of you, but that one can make the choice to be happy.
What I seek is a connection, ultimately of body, soul and spirit.

As for becoming a Christian...
I believed in God and Heaven and I expected to go there. My father was a pastor and my mother worked in the church. Then I learned about Hell. At a missions conference at my father's church a speaker spoke about Hell, that it was a terrible place and the unsaved went there. That described me and I became terrified for my soul. The thought came that perhaps it not apply to me because of my parents. I asked my mother, and she confirmed what the speaker said. I knew with a certainty that I was going to Hell and that Christ was my only escape. My mother led me in the sinner's prayer, I transferred my trust to Christ and became saved. I was five years old.
First Date
A romantic first date can involve looking into another's eyes over a lighted candle followed with a walk under a velvet sky with the stars shining down on us like diamonds.
I feel getting to know the other person is key.
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