Playin in the Dakota dirt & lovin it... lookin for a God fearing woman to share & grow with!!

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YHVH (God), Yeshua (Jesus), Holy Spirit, family, learning, gardening (heirloom & food forest), hunting, fishing, camping, sunrise & a cup on the front deck, star filled nights, long walks, a nice warm fire, cast iron cooking, photography, graphic & movie
About Me
Wishing everyone a awesome & 💐 🌷 H A P P Y - M O T H E R ‘ S - D A Y !! 🌷 💐

No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed.
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I have worked hard to free myself from the worldly system & the Lord has blessed me! Do i live in a mansion or drive a Porsche ... nope (although you should see Lola, my shop project 😊, not a Porsche... but still a looker!!)... but, all my stuff is solid, much appreciated and well taken care. I could do brand new... but, i just don’t see a need for it (resources that could have been more wisely used... JMO)! But, by the same token, country life isn’t always easy... it can be back braking, brow sweatin work (fyi: thistles... plenty of thistles, just like the Bible says 😁)... but, for freedom, fresh air, fresh food, fresh water, peace, quiet, stars & blue sky as far as the eye can see... to be in God’s country AND to be able to call the same your workplace ... but a small price to pay, and wouldn’t trade it for the world 💯!!
Born and raised in the country... I’ve lived in the big city (LA, Reno, Anchorage etc), owned my own tattoo studio & do have ink (i have since sold the studio & brand name & i no longer tattoo) & I’ve seen the inside of a 747 ✈️ a time or ten but find myself where my roots began.
Strong moral compass & work ethic, compassionate, strong country manners (i think in other parts, it’s also known as chivalry), family oriented, I’d rather be with my significant other rather than runnin with the boys... i like long walks & holding hands... a blanket under the stars... bit of a romantic 🤫, self taught & i love to learn... also love to just sit and take it all in. I think attraction is physical & spiritual - i luv - 😍 - luv deep convos with my significant other... just about/if not more appealing than a very beautiful evening dress ~ just sayin 💯!! BUT, let’s not skimp on those, either😉😁!!

I realize that a relationship is a two-way street and it takes work from both halves to make the whole complete!

Born again seeking born again!!!
Sabbath Keeper
Torah Observant
Appointed Feast/Festival Observant
If you know: what a Barean is... know what the Age of Laodicea is...
If you know what i mean when i speak of a unquenchable desire to be pleasing in His eyes, the insatiable hunger to study & learn ALL that you can about Him & Biblical Truth & implement that into your life, to strengthen your relationship with Him and grow in His service... and to Truly pay it forward (the Grand Commission)... I think that we should share/compare notes 📝💯.
I’m aware of what is going on in the world and seeking the same to have mutual deep conversations with ~
Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Two full faith believers can be an amazing thing (and not just personally for themselves)... just think about two that are born again!!!! Theoretically speaking ~ WOW
I am very thankful for all that He has blessed me with & I study His Word daily.
I would ultimately like to find a likeminded marriage partner to grow & share with!

If you can relate... and that sounds like your cup of tea ☕️ (or coffee... they’re both pretty delish)... i think that we should compare notes 📝😉 😁!

A quote that i very much like: The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost & helpless.

A couple of tunes currently on the top of the contemporary playlist:
With Lifted Hands ~ Ryan Stevens
Empty Grave ~ Zach Williams
Nobody ~ Casting Crowns
You’re Welcome In This Place ~ Maverick City
Heaven on Earth ~ Stars Go Dim
Holy Water ~ We the Kingdom
Love Lifting Me ~ Tasha Layton
Getting Ready ~ Maverick City
Jericho ~ Andrew Ripp
Church Clap ~ KB
So, this next song... i can’t even believe that i liked it... but, sure enough.
I saw the name & cringed... then thought about it a lil bit more & fig... this aught to actually be interesting ~ one way or the other ... i mean with a name like that... it’s 💯 a hit or a complete miss, right?! So, as it turns out... throw this one in there, too 😁
Sold Out ~ Hawk Nelson
Always looking for good music... would love to hear what you have on rotation!!

The tongue thing😁... kinda old school & don’t like my pic took much & back in the day, if someone was snapping a pic of ya & you didn’t much care for it... you gave them the raspberries 😜😁

My age is wrong., add 5yrs to what it says. I accidentally hit the send button to quick & now I can’t find any way to change it.
In the mean time... if you have any questions - I’m an open book... feel free to ask!
Let’s talk some theology & hermeneutics or milk goats & homemade cheese & yogurt 😁!! 💯
some say 🤓.
To which i say 💯🤓-🙏🏼

I very much look forward to hearing from you & I hope your day is an amazing one!!
First Date
Coffee • Dinner & Coffee • Supper & Coffee ... did someone mention coffee?! =)
I’m game for anything good!
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