would you want to marry Peter the apostle? If yes your welcome to message me

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bible. prayer. miracles. worship. Maybe I can do Balle with a wife I would like to throw and catch, and do that routine... The ice skating Balle duo is beautiful but it’s too much time to learn how to skate like that.Hiking in nature
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would you want to marry a man like Peter the Apostle? if yes please message me.

Hi I’ve had some good phone conversations and video pray over meetings. If you only want to talk and pray let me know in a message.
You may ask me for healing or deliverance prayer (cast out demon spirit) you might be surprised how many people need deliverance.

Looking for wife someone who is happy to be the helper, submissive follower who is taken care of and loved.

Looking for the one whose got the whole package! A wife who is: beautiful inside and out, gladly willing to serve, willing to do anything in world for Jesus, willing to call her husband lord and submit to him totally as he totally submits to Jesus. (1 Peter 3:6; Ephesians 5:22-33)

I really want to spend as much of my life as possible serving Jesus. This includes serving the poor, teaching the Gospel/bible, praying for people... I interested to start a church organization or maybe only lead a local church... I find myself interested in the cultures and customs of foreign countries and have traveled to Africa, Asia, Europe... I’m looking for a woman who likes Ephesians 5:22-29, and the rest of the Bible. I wrote a 15 page book/compilation on what the Bible says about marriage I can send it to you.

I’m looking for a woman who is more interested, willing, and wanting to live a life devoted to God than the average Christian. I see myself this way and am looking for someone with the similar interest and desires; simply a woman who is willing to do anything in the World for Jesus, allowing the husband to lead and be the head of household. “~And the leader and head of the husband is Jesus~”. Someone who would be willing the be the helper and wife of a Missionary type or Pastor...

Jesus=King over the Man
Man=King over the woman
This is what scripture teaches and the only way I will marry.

Equally or more important to structure is love. really want a woman to love, and she can expect to be loved 2nd only to God. Jesus had sacrificial love for the church, his bride, and I should also have the same. A love so great, willing to die in the place of the other.

If you are a person who lies, or has a lying habit, Don’t message me please. I pray you realize that lying does not help you and causes damage to you and others. Honest people only, may message me. Even if you tell “white lies” or “small lies” it’s not okay.

I only want to marry a virgin, this will help it be sure that she will love me and stay with me for life.

I’m not a joker type

Me and my house will serve the Lord

Brief testimony about me

Was Catholic believer until college... then at college my faith was challenged and I started to see how much evil was surrounding me. Me and friend a were getting drunk on weekends and like things. I didn’t even know what the Bible was in college, only knew Catholic Church. I had to re-examine what do I believe, what is truth!? I was seeking and praying and reasoning a lot like never before. And came back to Jesus stronger and much more zealous and full of Godly fear unlike ever before. And have been learning and experiencing more ever since. That was 8 years ago.
First Date
Tea and talk or walk and talk.

Would like to scuba dive after marriage if possible.
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