I desire a wife with a heart for Jesus and holy living, who is kind, enjoys lively conversation.

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painting, music composition, anime, reading, PC games, music, piano, the Bible, family, friends, nature, food
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I am a Christian man who is passionate about a great many things. Creativity drives my professional and personal life.

Would like to be married to someone I love and work from home.

I desire a wife with a heart for Jesus and holy living, who is kind, enjoys lively conversation and strives to honor God in all things, not just showy things, but everything, including entertainment, recreation and friends. Ephesians 5:1-20, 2 Corinthians 6:14. I believe Philippians 4:8 applies to the media we consume such as music, TV, movies, books, games etc. She should pray, read the Bible, and believe an important way we love God is by keeping his commandments. John 14:15.

This is what I believe as a Christian.

Jesus is the son of God born of the virgin Mary who lived a perfect life. On the cross Jesus was punished and died for the sins of all those who would repent and believe in him so that they would be saved. On the third day after he was buried, he defeated death by coming back to life. He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God.

It is by repentance and faith in Jesus that we are saved. Not by being good. (Ephesians 2 1-10) No amount of trying to be good is good enough for God. (Romans 3:23) He accepts nothing short of perfection in heaven. Only Jesus was perfect. As repentant believers, when we die God will clothe us Jesus’ righteousness, make us perfect, and give us eternal life in heaven. (John 3:16 and 1:9) It is through Jesus that we come to the father and confess our sin. Jesus is our priest. Jesus has been granted the authority to forgive sin and intercede for us - Not a pope, not our parents, and not men who call themselves priests. (Hebrews 4:14-16)

Here on earth, we will still be sinners; however, when we become Christians, God gives us his Holy Spirit and works in our lives to give us a heart for holiness. (Hebrews 10:16)

I believe baptism is a testimony of our faith and the Lord’s Supper (Eucharist) is for us to remember what Jesus has done for us. These acts do not save us.

I try my best to live a life that honors God by obeying his commandments, loving people, prayer, and meditation on His Word (the Bible). I do this not because I’m afraid I’ll lose my salvation or think it will earn me points for heaven (I do not believe in purgatory), but because it is what my Savior wants, and he loves me, and I love him. His commandments and His laws are all about love.

Some of my interests are: anime, reading, painting, music composition and PC games (especially Blizzard games). I am inspired by the works of the classical composers of the romantic area, and modern artists like Joe Hisaishi (He did the music for the Ghibli films like Totoro). I have an album and several singles published that people stream or download. I am open to discovering new, God honoring, ways to enjoy life.

I was homeschooled until college. I completed my college studies at home and am mostly self-taught in my career. My parents were convicted to bring up their children as strong Christians and avoid the moral secular messiness of regular American public schools. They weren't into textbooks, so our education was highly eclectic. We learned real stuff like the history of the Christian reformation and creation science etc. As a result, I see things differently than most people. I adhere to old fashioned Biblical values. If the Lord ever blesses me with children of my own, I would feel very strongly about this too. Raising children in a Godly environment is paramount and I would love to instill my passion for God and learning in my children
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I think this is something we could plan once we get to know each other.
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