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Enjoy the fellowship of people who think critically and have formulated well thought out opinions. I enjoy the old Hymns and sing them every Saturday. Though I am not Seventh Day Adventist, I do believe God at His word and accept the ten commandments as literal and not to be changed by man. See Exodus 20. God said He hallowed the seventh day and I don't think the Roman Emperor Constantine nor any other man supersedes the authority of God to change it. The argument that Paul preached passed midnight and thus started Sunday as the sabbath doesn't hold water. Even Yeshua (Jesus) kept the sabbath on the seventh day. Sunday worship traces back to pagan roots when they worshiped the sun god. (Easy research to look up)
Also, I do not subscribe to the trinity doctrine that teaches Jesus is literally God. I believe that is a manmade doctrine influenced by polytheistic mythology and conceived through the Athanasian creed. It's simple, John 4:24 God is Spirit. We also know God is Holy. Therefore He is the Holy Spirit. Yeshua (Jesus) is His Son (and only begotten Son) as scripture plainly states many times. The trinity...not so simple...conversations usually end with "it's hard to understand you just have to take it by faith" well I submit it's hard to understand because it faces too many contradictions and simply isn't accurate. Yeshua (Jesus) doesn't have to be God to die for our sins. He just had to be the perfect spotless lamb. Which he was. He was without sin and was the one prophesied about throughout the Old Testament, and yes he will come back again! :-) That is what I subscribe to. Again I am not Seventh Day Adventist nor Muslim nor Jehovas Witness. Simply a white young male that has read his NKJ Bible since he was 7 years old. I love God and love to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Lastly I would like to say, I have heard many counter arguments, which are welcome, but please be willing to have a conversation. There is much to dissect in each counter argument. Too much to write on here. But let me just state a small example from John 1. "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God. THE SAME was in the beginning with God." For all you KJV only folks you might find it interesting that the KJV says "The same" not "He". This is important to note because "The same" is neuter where as "He" is masculine. (NKJV uses "He", the old KJV and the 1611 KJV says "The same") I can see how so many jump to the conclusion even pastors that this passage is saying Jesus is God at first glance with the word "He". But it isn't and I'll show you why. The word "word" used in this passage is the greek word "logos". Logos is not a person, it is the thoughts and reasoning. Which is why the context is neuter which is why the better translation is "The same". The author John is telling us that In the beginning was the thoughts and reasoning of God. Remember in Genesis God spoke creation into existence and it was so. God's thoughts and reasoning was with Him from the beginning. First comes the thought, then comes the spoken word. (You think before you speak.) John is simply recapturing the Genesis 1 occurrence. He is not trying to state that Jesus is God. In fact if you look at the summation of his thesis statement in John 20:31 you can clearly see what he wants his audience to walk away with. He tells us plainly if you get anything from his book he wants you to get this. "But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the SON OF GOD; and that believing ye might have life through his name." KJV Did you catch it? John wants his readers to know that Jesus is THE SON OF GOD. If he wanted us to know that Jesus was God he had the perfect opportunity to do that here but he didn't. He states it plainly, SON OF GOD. Matthew 16:15-17 also states it plainly and is confirmed by Jesus himself.
Also, fun food for thought if you didn't know already, Jesus was not his name. It couldn't have been. Why? Because there is no letter "J" in the greek nor hebrew alphabets. In fact the letter "J" didn't come about until 1524. Just stating this because so many "Christians" just simply accept what they hear their pastors preach and so many pastors simply accept what they learn in seminary... etc. But there are truths to be mined by studying the word of God.
Don't just take my word for it, you can look these up for yourself. I gave you the references, now go and study.
Our country is going through a phase where the chaff is being separated from the grain. A pocket Jesus simply isn't going to make it, need a real relationship with Him and a faith that is strong from knowing Him and having gone through life experiences with Him. Would love to find someone like minded, I also welcome anyone who wishes to have a conversation and ask questions or challenge my stance. The more challenges we face the more refined we become in our beliefs. Proverbs 27:17.
I do believe the NWO is on the horizon, and along with that times of tribulation for those that will refuse the mark. When that time comes your faith will be the only source of strength left. How great is your faith? Would love to hear from you even if you have differing opinions. I just ask that you simply have some good rationale to share along with it. :-) Thanks for reading! Shalom!

"Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. " (Founding father)

Post 9/11 context and food for thought.
Show me a terrorist
and I will show you a defeated foe.
Show me a TSA agent
and I will show you many would be American heroes
waiting to board a plane in chains.
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Outdoor activity where we can do something fun and talk at the same time.
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