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hunting, fishing, working on vehicles, gardening, canning, making deer jerky, some cooking, keeping my house clean and look nice, growing fruit trees, self sufficiency, country music, watching sports, action movies, jet skiing
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Hi all, I am actually the sister but as a close family member I'm looking for a future spouse for my brother who is a true country man. he works on the railroad so he is quite busy and is often not home since he's on the traveling crew. In all honesty he's a simple man with a good heart. He's already tried to be with someone who had kids and it did not go well so he's not looking to be with anyone who has kids. He's looking for his potential forever partner who is serious about creating their own family together. He has his own house out in the country with a big shop and pond. He's a little shy at times but he's not afraid of having fun and trying new things, especially good food! He's athletic built mostly plus or minus a few pounds after the holidays and would like a women who likes to cook (He's also not bad at cooking) and she has to be okay being by herself in the country since sometimes he works on one week and off one week. He has fruit trees and a garden. he's interested in getting some chickens and he has a hunting dog and some farm cats. He's interested in canning his own fruits and vegetables and he likes to hunt. His future spouse doesn't have to want to hunt or fish but she just has to be okay with living a few miles outside of a tiny town and thirty minutes from the nearest Walmart. He doesn't do drugs (he's drug tested regularly at work) and he drinks occasionally but he's usually never one to get drunk or act silly. She needs to be square in that she doesn't do drugs at all. He's pretty composed and reserved. He's one to put his family first and would make a great husband and father. He lives right next to his best friend who is married with a family and he would like a family of his own. She would need to relocate to be with him. He's open-minded to any Christian or believer in God who has a good heart and wants to put family first. He's not into fake people or attention seekers. He's very practical.He would do well with a lower maintenance woman who is caring and humble. He likes to work on making his home and property nice, which he takes pride in. He's not too into materialistic things when it comes to shopping. He watches what he spends and saves for his future. He doesn't care for drama. He's become quite good at building things and he's done work on his house. Our family is the kind that still gets together for Sunday lunch and spend all the holidays with Uncles, Aunts, cousins, etc. He is old fashioned and would like someone who would enjoy cooking, staying at home, or canning home goods with him and enjoying the quietness of country living. If you enjoy a simple life away from the big cities then he might be the one for you. He needs a woman who is easy to please, patient, family-oriented, likes animals, is a home body, and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. He is hardworking and a little shy so he doesn't talk excessively but he's a good listener. He's responsible, spends his money wisely, and needs someone who does the same. He's not super religious rather he goes to church in his hometown whenever he can make it (father and mother run the tiny church in the town). We have a very humble family who are kind and work hard and love to get together for family dinners.

If you don't like country life on a farm with animals and garden then don't waste your time messaging. He's not into wasting anyone's time. If you love shopping, spending money, going out all the time, staying near your hometown, or get lonely easy then he is not the right one for you. He's NOT :nerdy, super funny, show off, super romantic, loud, arrogant, lier. He IS: an old soul, practical, realistic, home-body, simple, easy going, loyal, truthful. By the way, the only churches nearby him are Methodist, Baptist, Christian, and his church is Christadelphian.
If you find that you might be a match for my brother after reading this then I can send you a picture of him.
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