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A Few Extra Pounds
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Salt n Pepper
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A Marriage Partner
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Packinghouse (Calvary Chapel Redlands)
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Every week
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No way
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Yes but they're grown
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Some College
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Hey if you are hiring I will be your husband...
Bible Study, Devotions, Ministering, Serving, GOD, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT, Walks, Hikes, Mountains, Museums, Beach, Road Trips, Camping, Movies, Dinning Out, Amusement parks, Family. Hopefully I covered all your keywords. I work too much, used to be up to 70h
About Me
I have strong Biblical convictions. I'm not looking for a concubine or what people now call a long term relationship. I attend some sort of Bible based function 3-6 times a week including serving at a convalescent/rehab facility. Because I serve at that facility I don't feel I have the freedom to relocate or at least not too far. I do have room for you or a family in my life

I have all my hair and all my body parts still work the way they're supposed to.

I do give people a lot of Grace for their past, but I am on the look out for some sort of appearance to attempt to deceive, like catfish that only post ONE PICTURE. So I don't make it a habit to send one picture people messages, if one picture catfish send me messages I'll ask for another picture.

My divorce was final in '07 so that's old news. I waited to meet someone because I didn't want my daughters to compete for time with their dad. They're in their mid 20s now. The youngest lives with me, and the oldest with their momma! I would rather not have anymore children because that would be a fight against time, like how much I can spend with that child and you before I'm in a convalescent home. But I'm ok with someone having children preferably older like not in diapers. Not ok with someone playing keep away with the dad or a dad that just is not a part of their child's life. I'm not going to enable people being irresponsible with their children. I think men aren't stepping up because people make it easy for them not too, and the children suffer for it.

As children we are trained up, that can be used for good or evil. There are more than enough alcoholics in my family so I don't touch the stuff. When my family gets together at my place they know they have to bring their own stuff and I make it a point to tell them to take it home if they haven't finished it. I have thrown full bottles away when people leave them behind, because I know I'm capable of drinking them in one sitting though I've never done that, but I do like the taste. I don't like having it in my fridge and I don't think I'd be ok with someone that has more than 1 or 2 on a special occasion like a holiday or wedding.

You can call me a square so is the Bible at least I'm not going around in circles.

My understanding is 7 million men in the US 25-50 have dropped out of the workforce and marriage and opted for video games and couch surfing. That's ok because we're both about to get lucky....
First Date
What I would do? I would most likely drive to your home town because I like road trips and I think most people appreciate not having to drive too far to meet a stranger. Since we haven't spoken yet the rest would be decided once we speak. Have you ever invited someone to the beach and they don't like the sand? I have... How about a picnic!?!?!?
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