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I’m Joseph and I am your brother in Christ. It takes 2 whole people to build a real relationship- there is no type of validation another can offer that will change who I know myself to be in Christ Jesus. With that said I am entirely ready to live my life single if that’s what God wants. In our faith the highest expression of love is self-sacrificial- real love is something you give with no expectation of receiving. I say the St. Francis prayer throughout the day- part of which includes- let me not so much seek to be loved as to love. I try to operate from the Spirit and not the ego. I ask God everyday to send His Spirit to aid me in my walk with Him, to illuminate His Scripture and physically imprint it on my mind so that I can see things more like Him and live in accordance with His will for my life. There is a sociological theory that postulates many of our society’s problems exist because technology has advanced far quicker than any moral system could keep pace with, leaving us unable to come to terms or make sense of our place in the world. What I love about living in this day and age is that the I believe we can see more clearly than ever before our dependence on God. I believe that the Bible stands under scrutiny. I believe that it should be studied, memorized, taught and meditated on without any restriction. It is not the duty of a minister to suppress any inquiry into the text for the simple fact that The Word does not need mere humans to defend what has been handed us by God. It stands on its own and is surely the rock on which I try to build my life- no storm has shaken me when I depend on it. I believe that the Spirit dwells in the believer who accepts Him. I believe that the fruits of the Spirit are apparent to those who earnestly observe. They are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. If a person claims to know Christ but does not exhibit these fruits in his dealings with others I proceed cautiously in my dealings with him or her. Jesus warns us to be wiser than serpents and as harmless as doves- our intent should be to lovingly correct waywardness in the hope of helping our fellow believers. Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens the face of his neigh-bor.”The gifts of the Spirit cannot be manufactured by one’s willpower alone. in all their diverse forms they are gifts from Our Heavenly Father. I do not speak in tongues- that’s not how God has gifted me so far, andHis gifts have been abundant!
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I would attend a Church service with you and then discuss it afterwards during dinner. God has given us divine-like intellects and helps us to discern Heavenly wisdom. I’d try to be your friend before pursuing a romantic relationship. If we can’t be friends what business do we have to do so? I’d be interested in knowing your values and goals. I will not marry unless I am sure that you are the person who God has sent to spend my life with. Marriage is sacred- I don’t believe in divorce. If I was forced into a divorce I would never marry or have sex again- I’d probably join a monastic order since I misused the institution of marriage by choosing wrongly and missing Gods will. If I do meet a woman who and we’re convinced that we should marry, I think that we should sign a prenuptial agreement that if we do divorce the entire estate will be gifted to a nonprofit Christian church. Why should either of us be financially secure if we violate what God has ordained to be sacred? What use is it if we gain the whole world but lose our own souls? Divorce is too common today and undermines families, hurts children and disregards God’s designs for human intimacy and sexuality.
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