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.the mystery is on the inside .... Christ in us , the hope of glory .Any guitar players out there ?

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Washedbytheword is Single in Edmonton, Alberta, 1 Washedbytheword is Single in Edmonton, Alberta, 2 Washedbytheword is Single in Edmonton, Alberta, 3 Washedbytheword is Single in Edmonton, Alberta, 4
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God stuff , All things Christian as I'm a bible college grad 35 years ago , working on a degree in divinity studies . just finished a Astronomy course within it . l geek out on it pretty heavily you could say . was into Aviation . motorcycles. camping rv
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must love the Lord . its ok to have wounds , i have scares but that justs drives me to my knees and grows me to the place the Lord wants me to get to . l believe thats what our trials are about . demonic attacks are satans way to take us out but Gods way of growing us. satans not as smart as the Lord for , like the bible says , if satan had known that by killing the Lord of glory his kingdom would fall .... he never would have done it . So l have baggage as l assume you do but thats not the end of the story . infact it becomes a beauty mark l believe before the Lord , if you endure and overcome . after all are not the wounds hands and feet of the Lord not a beautiful thing in our eyes ..... they should be . the day is coming like a flood to how soon his return will be . I'm ready to sell all off and push the harvest . this passover has been a hard one for me for my loved ones and even strangers as l know the time is so short now .... l feel the need to do something . what good are earthly treasures when people are parishing and it will be check out time soon anyway . Time to get real , but l also think we will see the hand of God move in miraculous ways . anyway ask me about it if you like .

l don't mean to make it sound like l have nothing but baggage . other than saying something abot it here l enjoy and joking , having fun . discovering life is the spice of life . all l was saying is we all suffer . Jesus did. so don't let you hurts stop you from going on with life. maybe l should have said it that way . lol , oops my bad .
First Date
coffee , walk n talk . something low key incase you want to run . lol . or l do . haha .if we get to a second date .... ??? something fun . will depend on whats going on .

Ps . not looking for overseas or to long of a distance. also looking for someone who has not been to the alter . no offense if you have but l have not and I'd like to share that experience with someone who's of the same heart .after all if we had a seperation for some reason l would always work towards reconciliation, thats my heart . she would be my wife always and come hell or high water l will be there in the end . she needs to be of the same heart . I'll wait on the Lord . my first time will be my last time . thats just the way l roll .
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