Its been catch and release for a lifetime. I've yet to truly find a keeper.

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Currently sheparding sheep and goats, Gardening/Farming, landscaping, and some handyman/construction work
Establishing my Fathers kingdom, Missions, Probiotic Living Soil Farming Methods. That includes geography, ecology, biology, mycology, botany, microbiology, permaculture, horticulture, Korean Natural Farming/JADAM, hugelculture, vinedressing/pruning, and
About Me
My life is like a modern day bible story. Most days the ironic happenings, big and small, make me realize my life story has been prewritten. This past 4 years years I've been living between a rock and a hard spot. Ive had to live on the run like Moses did when he fled Egypt, but the Lord has shown me and proven to me that Ive been in his favor this whole time. Like a bird ive escaped the captors snare on multiple occasions. Every year I start a garden or multiple gardens, and sadly due to covetous family members or frienemies I brought too close, I lost those gardens and the progress I had made. All this time though ive been multiplying seed and having success, alongside many failures. Though people get used by Satan to stop me, ill never quite doing this work and this year I'm set to have a wonderful second year on property with a near limitless well water supply ( which is a first). Tbis is my year of Jubilee. I hope to raise quite a large flock of chickens and eventually sheep. I have learned unique microbiological methods of potentiating their diets to produce far high quality/quantity of high omega 3 and mineralize eggs, meat, and raw milk. Alongside heirloom produce farming, I'm intentionally going to be ( already habe with great success) farming worms via vermicomposting and creating a grain free alternative diet for livestock to get away from grains that have inflammatory effects on the animals and the consumers of animal products. I have learned enough about genetics to understand stabilizing traits, so I can create entirely new varieties of fruit, veggies and herbs and even animals. I co create with the Father and aim to teach the vision hes given me, via cutting edge scientific farming/reforesting methods. To give genuine raw power back to Gods people and depart from the need for money altogether. To teach the poor how to generate riches from the natural resources their land offers, without damaging the enviroment, only causing it to thrive and grow at an exponential rate. To create cmosed loop systems that overflow from the inside out. We can only be as healthy as the soil out food comes from is. I seek to address the root of suffering, and uproot it by feeding my fathers sheep with the probiotic and extra nutrient dense food that will restore their nutritional imbalances, and then far beyond. I hope I can find a friend and a marraige partner. A woman who will get her hands dirty with me and laugh, dance and sing while we do hard work. A fellow joyful servant who wants to work with me and not just for me, but us and our future children ( when she'd be ready for that). Someone who knows suffering, pain, and adversity, and has experienced being sheltered by the Lord on unique ways. A shield bearer and my confidant. Not a women who sees my abilities and plots to use me for them. Nor a woman who tries to seduce me. A fellow nerd/athlete. A gal who can run faster and farther than most men. Fishing and hunting together would be a blast. I dont smoke tobacco, only high quality cannabis, in moderation. I also regularly use the same amount of kratom for my multiple back issues as well as my hand that broke and always hurts. I hope to be able to work out of my current financial state utilizing what ive studied amd practiced. Currently i work 6 to 7 days a week, 8 to 12 hours a day. Im exhausted and look forward to time in the winter to regain muscle ive lost working/ sheparding goats and sheep for anywhere from 500 to 800 miles this last March up to July. Im very close to starting a farm on an elderly christian couples property, and have most of the seeds i need already. Im hoping to find a help meet. If our Father created a woman for me I hope I can meet her while im still broke and in small/medium sized beginnings to building whats needed to raise a family in an ideal way. I hope she would also be awake regarding things like the NWO agenda. Someone who isnt nieve or cowardly hearted. A lioness who is broody but also gracefully peaceful. Not one who will cause me grief through foolishness, but she needs to be seeking wisdom alongside me. Usually hundreds of women message me saying Hi or hello there. Please show your depth of character and intelligence if you want me to take interest. For any manipulative women who play head games with men, dont even try with me. I will see right through it almost immediately. The Holy Spirit reveils peoples hidden thoughts and motives to me, and the Lord has taught me how to understand the subtleties within speech that bring to light dark places. Im searching for a spotless bride, but I love freckles :). If youve been vaccinated against COVID then i am not interested in a conversation. Though i was vaccinated as a child, ive been healing by detoxing and through whole foods and holistic practices. I hope to find someone who has a parallel outlook regarding health and wellness.
First Date
A hike, picnic, just making time to chat without pressure to leave. True best friends give each other energy and its hard to stop talking to them. Even a video chat would work but in person is different. Coffee, dinner or even exercising together would be cool. Swimming in a river or scenic spot. If your into biking, a bike ride through somewhere where theres peace and a fun trail or road would be great!
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