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Caretaker, Chiropractor
Writing, DND, Taekwondo, kids, cats, card games, good movies
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Notice: If you don't live in Oregon or Washington then don't bother emailing me.

I have two girls, 9 and 12. I don't mind adding more to my family in the long run whether you have one or more comes. God only knows these things.

I am interested in marriage so my idea of dating is to get to know you. I don't want to waste your time by not being clear. I really enjoy saying what I mean and trying to not be afraid of such things. It should be done with kindness and love though.

You should know that I have a version of high-functioning Autism. This simply means I get socially awkward and confused by literal things. Sarcasm is like some mysterious gibberish that is both confusing and off-putting. I do like dad jokes and the worse the better!

I enjoy kind and straight-forward people who love God and Jesus. If you like to talk about others badly, gossip, be judgmental, and see the speck in someone else's eye then I won't be the One for you. If you have been accused of being a narcissist, then it probably won't work out.

But I am looking for someone who has made mistakes and learned to love and learn despite all those things.

I do like being modestly active. This simply means that I will do active things but only with good friends. I'll go to a basketball games, WWE event, rock show, but don't be surprised if I bring a pair of headphones so I don't get overwhelmed by it.

I enjoy writing and being creative. I like DND and roleplaying. If you like those things then please write. At worst, we can be friends. I enjoy music of many different types.

My faith is important to me but I'm not a zealot.

I'm a fan of long-winded descriptions.
If you read the above then you get a bonus star when you write me.
First Date
Ideally, you don't dress up and pretend to be someone you aren't. Be regular. Be your normal self. There is time for romance later when we get to know each other better. You can "impress" me by simply being you and perhaps we will depart as friends. That's not so bad!
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