Seek gal to RELOCATE for Marriage. Serious Only. READ my Entire profile 1st. Want company.

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Travel, Mountains, Forests, Cool weather, RV'ing, Home life, T.V., nature, outdoors, blues/jazz, love most music, dancing, cuddling, kissing, home cooking, holding/touching my lady,
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Pretty Simple. We Talk, we Meet, If we Like, I move you in & I take Care of you!
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I could relocate to the central Texas/San Antonio area in 2025, am 67, considered attractive by over 80% of women, and am praying for a good, kind, Christian gal to love me for myself, and, hopefully, enter into a permanent, committed relationship with.
I married when I was 31, divorced 17 1/2 years later, and have been alone for over 18 years.

I have 2 daughters, 31 and 29 who live in Austin, TX. I raised them alone, the youngest being 11. I treat women the way I would expect other men to treat my daughters.

I am looking for someone that hopefully, after meeting me Once, in person, can decide if they want to have a try at a relationship together. I am a hugger, touchy-feely, snuggler type, enjoy kissing, am kind of a homebody, have a great house, love home-cooked meals, don't mind leftovers, & eat what is put in front of me!:excited:

I love attending my evangelical Bible Church, go every Sunday, and am in a small bible study group. Would love for my gal to attend with me, &, if she doesn't care for it, maybe I would change to another Church, but I have been there over 15 years!:prayingm: Was unequally yoked..

Seeking a woman who follows the Word as relates to marriage...i.e. the man is the head of the household & the spiritual leader, the woman is loved by the man just as much as Jesus loved his Church (people).

Willing to do most anything to find my helpmate to keep her. Naturally, I would help her move and relocate, and, as long as she helped me some in my business, or with the house, or with life in general, I would be happy. Or, if she wished to work outside of the home, that would be fine as well.

I am not an organized person. I am messy and disorganized, but clean. I am laid-back, enjoy a cocktail or a beer, and watch TV for entertainment. Have been practicing law for 30 years, mostly without any help,

1-13-2013: I will not allow anyone to steal my JOY! I am meek...I have Strength, but it is under control!:prayingm:
First Date
I am considering relocation to the San Antonio/central Texas area in mid-2025. I usually find datable women from out of state for some reason. Therefore what I propose is, after Lots of phone conversations, over a 20-day period Max., we Decide IF we are going to meet in person....(the sooner the better!). I will not do an endless phone chat period of over 3 weeks. If you can't decide and book a flight or get in your car to meet me half-ways, it won't work for me.
Ladies, I am talking about a Maximum chat period of 3 Weeks. After that, SHE purchases her own plane ticket to show me she truly is interested in me. She flies in to San Antonio, TX., (SAT), &, after she arrives, then I pay for all the bills, including return airfare, if necessary.
(It costs me well over $450. doing it this way, for even the shortest visit).

I met my ex in 1988 off a personals ad she placed in the National Enquirer. We phoned each other for 45 days, met for 3 1/2-days, and decided we wanted to try to become a couple. We had 3 kids, and were together 17.5 years! That is what I am hoping:prayingm: I can find and accomplish again!:ribbit:without having more children.

Intimacy and a physical relationship will come or happen when it comes. I want marital bliss, inner peace, and for my marriage to be Blessed!

When I meet someone for the first time, I usually like to meet in neutral territory, close to where I live and we would be living. We would do the tourist thing in San Antonio. . (She could have her own bedroom & bathroom in my home if she wanted, but I would hope to be able to sleep and cuddle together every evening). :glow: Sleep does mean just that....Sleep.

If you are interested in a life with me, I would love to Talk with you over the Telephone since I do not Text, dislike emailing, and chatting by typing on this site is a waste of time!:waving: All I ask is complete Honesty, and no "fraidy cats"!.:stop::stop::stop::stop:
I am a good guy and have so much love to give. So very tired of living the single life. Life is so much better/happier with a nice partner! I have so much protection and security to offer you. I want to care for you!
PLEASE NO Winks or Letters from Africa, as I would not travel there to meet you.
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