mark74wfr is Single in Ocean Springs., Mississippi


True loyalty! True understanding! Someone who truly cares

Male | 29
United States
Ocean Springs.
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Heavy metal music and rap music and working out and training and fighting and sometimes video games and long walks of course! And meditating 🧘‍♂️ and laying back in bed and also spending time together and relaxing and yeah cuddling a lot lol
About Me
My name is devil🖐🏻 not mark people. I’m TRULY UNDERSTANDING!!! I’m geeky and EXTREMELY! Narcissistic and I’m caring and VARY considerate and funny lol and I’m a big romantic and I’m loyal till the ends of time and I will never betray even if u r evil. And I’m also pretty nice pretty cool I’m a relaxed guy I prefer a quiet life vary far away from everything and just enjoy my loved ones and I love messing around a lot and just really talking and being together. My religion? Im a devil worshiper of lord Jashin. And yes yes ik! It is a Christian app but? I also know everyone is different. get to know me as a person🙏 cause people who look past differences? And try to understand a person dispite those differences? That’s what I’m looking for!. Understanding. I don’t disrespect others beliefs just because of my religion so please do the same. And no! I’m not ever changing or converting!.
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I’m in a Polgamy relationship I’m with 9 gfs and trying for 10 and no more no less. And if u r interested then please text me.

No fakes no liars no stalkers no cheaters no bullies no controlling types of people and no straight forward tough people. And if u r into a politics? I’ll block you in a heartbeat. And do not leave after a month! I’ve already had 2 experiences of people just up and leaving!😩🙄And if u do that I will block you in a heartbeat!! I’m getting tired of being so good to people only to be betrayed a few weeks or a month later. If u r committed? Then please? Just be committed oof😓please and thank you.🙏

And be ok with people having different beliefs! Again open minded people cause everyone has different beliefs and not everyone is Christian!! but we all respect that and understand cause everyone is different and we’re all ok with that, we look past it👍🏻Regardless!!!🫵🏻🙄of anyone’s beliefs! or religion. And if u can’t do the same? Do not text me!. We respect religion yes? But do not let us dictate us. If u can’t accept someone with different beliefs? Then do not text me cause while we respect religion? I still see a person first and i expect the same respect.

no drama and or arguments or stupidity. Please be understanding And think strategically!🙏
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