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2 Yr College Degree
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Retail sales
Church, Sports officiating, walks in the park, camping, watching tv, reading scripture, travel, history
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I am a rather reserved and quiet man. I have a difficult time talking about myself but here goes. I am a single white male who has never been married looking to find a best female friend for life. Someone that I can love as unconditionally as Jesus loves me. Someone that will care enough to call or send me a text message when we are apart from one another to just say I'm thinking about you.
Although I was baptized as an infant and raised Catholic, I don't go to mass that often. I have actually found a home and Christian family in Mayfair Plymouth Christian Congregational Church. I try to attend services every week but sometimes with my job in retail, it makes it difficult.
I have struggled over the years in my walk with Christ. I read in someone else's profile and I am borrowing this as it is so true; if you're not struggling, you're not growing. Thankfully, He hasn't struggled with me over it. I have been a typical prodigal son. I still have my struggles and my walk sometimes fails but I keep on moving because He knows the plans He has for me.
We all have our crosses to carry in this life and if you would like to know me then I will tell you.
I try to keep a positive attitude and give a kind word to all. I tend to be a helper and am sympathetic to the needs of others. I want to fix things when I see someone hurting and tend to put the needs of others before my own. I wear my heart on my sleeve and it has caused pain in the past and I am sure it will again, but Praise God I am starting to trust in Him and making prayer of unconditional surrender over to Him a priority.
He knows the desires of my heart. One of which is that I would like to have a family of my own someday. A woman that I can love agape as He loves all of His children. Someone that I can learn from and teach as well. To pray with and for. To read Scripture as a family and be able to discuss it.
Ok, my list:
Must Love, or have the will to love You Father above all else.
Either has children or wants children.
Likes to take care of the home and share in the responsibility.
Is good with finances and willing to help teach me proper skills on how to manage money.
Is a great motivator and encourager.
Has great patience with me as I explain, as I tend to sometimes act on impulse rather than thinking thru things. Impulsiveness can be good but often has ripple affects.
Someone who is kind and gentle.
Wants to read and study Scripture together.
A willingness to take road trips, especially to Civil War battle sights is a plus.
Also someone who enjoys the following:
Walking and talking together while holding hands.
Sports and attending sporting events
The theatre
Horseback riding
Country and contemporary Christian music
Going to concerts
Cuddling while watching TV or a movie
Being around the water, as I would like to own a boat again someday
Camping and fall campfires
Playing cards
Swimming in the summertime

Have a blessed and safe Christmas season.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and May the sunlight always shine upon your face and smiles forever warm your heart.
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Depends on where we are and what the weather is like. I have never been much of a coffee drinker but a coffee house as long as I could get a cup of tea, I'm good.
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