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Watching stars at night, Church fellowship, Poetry, Nature walk, Countryside, Gardening, Listening to Gospel Music, Traveling, Road drives, Bible Study, Family, Home Movies, Music instruments but I play none. Let me be your choir lol.
About Me
My name is Danie. They say matters of the heart are challenging but can also be rewarding when you finally meet your God ordained spouse. I have never been married. I enjoy my company but would like to share it with my hubby. Until then, I am patient to wait for my God ordained spouse. I have great family ties and wonderful friends. My dad rested in 2018.
I am a Market Representative in raw materials for Packaging & Hygiene industries. I am reviving my business which was badly affected by Covid-19. God is opening new doors and I believe He is setting a stage for me.

I take it easy. I will choose quality over quantity. I will always choose peace. I am shy and blush easily. Yet, I will not shy off from being expressive once i get comfortable with you. I love hugs. You better be a teddy bear, lol! My friends call me 'Miss Hugs'.

God is central in my life. I am a born again Christian who loves to serve humanity and God. I live daily for Christ, there is no other place i would rather be! I serve in my church.

My idea of a hubby is a Christian man who loves God and lives for Him day by day. I will come second in his life.
I will not be unequally yoked.
If you are separated, you can only expect Christian fellowship from me.
If you are divorced, i appreciate the biblical guidelines.

I do not expect an angel in the right spouse. We are all God's work in progress albeit at different levels. However, i desire a man who is after God's heart. A man who honors God with his life. A man who loves Christian Fellowship in church and in Bible study. A family oriented man who knows his role in the family and upholds family values.
A man who will care for me and protect me. A man who will love me just as I am, like Christ loved the church.

I want my hubby to be my best friend. I will love and respect him. God meant a man and his wife to grow together in faith and live a life of respect for each other. I desire that we can add value to each other's life......real growth!

As a wife, I am your friend and confidant. I am your peace and rest. I am your prayer partner and encourager. I know the world is full of battles. I will fight for you and with you. I will bring warmth in the home. You will look forward to come back home after a long day out there. I will bring in an easy environment which will be a play room to unwind, but also a place you can pour out your heart and expect a listening ear and an understanding heart.

Kindly, let's be Debt free as the Bible encourages Christians..... Owe nobody nothing but love. I appreciate great things in life but am equally happy with the simple things wrapped up in love.
Hey, will you build me a tree house or log cabin? I love nature and the countryside 😍
First Date
I love to spoil and be spoilt by a special person. However, an easy time chatting while relaxing in park, a walk in the garden or what would make both of us comfortable sounds an ideal first date.
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