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Ardbeg baptist church
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4 Yr College Degree
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Database manager, hairdresser, cook
Church, beach, walking the dog, shabby chic, furniture restoration, most important bible study
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I'm mum to two beautiful children.
Yes I am a single mother, I’ve had a life you read about but I am a new creation, I am a daughter of God.

I am doing my degree in divinity at UWS. I am trustee of a monastic movement which was born from a vision. I invite people to come pray for free... as it should be. I walk with who ever God sends.
I am born again. I am in church membership and in leadership at a Baptist church, although I believe I was called to THE church not a denomination. I hope I live to see unity among Gods people.

My charity work is the inverclyde healing center and I help run our islands food bank.

I live life spirit led which means if I feel God wants me to spend my last and drive across the country to say thank you.... I will. That example is a fact. I may come home with someone in need, I operate a Christian home and it is open to all who need Gods council or comfort. My faith does not take a day off. :) God first all the time. If you are an attendee you will not get me. I seek Gods will in every decision I make. I am part of a praying community we have a Cycle. I pray 3 to 4 times a day. :)

Additional note.... an honest one :) I am a pretty strong woman. I have led a tough life.... fit for what ever Gods purpose is in my future. I have no hang ups. I have never submitted to anything worldly but I know what the bible says about a wife. I need a strong, patient, well established (in fath) Christian partner to help guide me.

ENGLISH AS A FIRST LANGUAGE PLEASE. Communication is so important I cannot get a feel for a person if it's pidgin English. Sorry.

For those less fortunate that are scammers May god bless you and I hope you see the error of your ways. I'm a data analyst. I can spot you a mile off, use a translator your blocked.

Thank for dropping by god bless you all.
First Date
Something memorable a picnic in the woods surrounded by The awesomeness of The Lord or a Church service.
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