I kissed a toad...It hopped away...I won't think twice...If you do the same...

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Before you dive in, this is who I am. If you like to throw stones, don't tell me I'm picking my nose if you're picking the seat of your jeans. Respect will be meted out evenly.
About Me
When you look at coal, can you see a diamond? Or do you prefer cubic zirconia? Based off Romans 2:25-29 *Ponder Point*®

Heads up. If you're going to ask me what I'm looking for, my response is going to be something to the effect of, "If you read enough of my profile, you wouldn't be asking me this." I don't care if I sound like a jerk. I also don't do, "Hey, Baby," "Sweetie," "Beautiful," etc. Get to know me first then give a nickname. Also, if all you're interested in is putting the 'X' in s-e-x, like yesterday, I'm gone.

OK. No fluff. I've had years of bad experience in dealing with this site, are you willing to break the mold?
What I am looking for: Someone who is humble, willing to try to meet me where I am at, respectful, likes to laugh and have fun (I have a wicked sense of humor ), knows how to listen, and enjoys stimulating conversation. A bit of weird-i-O! welcomed, because I lean a little towards the weird-i-Etta! side - Just don't be singing the Twilight Zone theme song. Humor and wit are good qualities; it encourages on-the-spot thinking.

I have been on and off this site since spring 2009 and have met some doozies. As in Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden doozies. I've also been single since 2013, so it's been a while. I'm at the point where even though I would like someone in my life, I'm not going to belly flop into another relationship only to smack pavement. Some of the general things I do hope for is a person to know where he lives. Someone who is not prejudiced. My daughter is half Namibian, so yes she is mixed. Someone who is not looking for someone to take care of him or still lives at home with his parents.

I am not here to play games unless it's something like Yahtzee, Uno, Frisbee, miniature golf, pool, etc. I am a writer and do have an extensive vocabulary. Some of the more endearing names I've been called in this area are word nerd, grammar police, and word Nazi. Most likely, I can probably spell it and know what it means, although sieve now comes to mind in how what's on the tip of the tongue seems to find an escape route. Puns are great.

Also, going to be real here. This is a dating site. (Thank you, Captain Obvious.) As in, I'm going to talk to whomever I want which I expect of you as well. Social media has many advantages, yes, but on a serious note, how real can one be after one conversation? Talking online is great, I prefer texting until comfortable enough for phone conversation, then a face to face. I'm not into comparison, pettiness, or accusation and have no problem walking away.

About me.

Let's talk Bible.
I am not Ruth, Esther, or Proverbs 31. I hover around the tax collector at the altar and good Samaritan. Although I am open and encourage a person to be who one is, I do pay attention to these traits. I believe in tithing the fruit of the spirit as is outlined in Galatians 5:22-23. I have also built a foundation on Psalm 101:5 in the sense of accountability. I suggest looking it up. As a word focus one can research for verification, a synonym for haughty is contempt and a synonym for despise is abominable. Most important being of action in the sense of John 13:34-35. I tend to find this abounds in the realm of lack.

Uh-duh. Well...I'm not going to lie. I do have a lot of strength, sometimes I don't make the wisest decisions despite my intelligence, um...Oh yeah...I forgot...I'm supposed to be showing how white my bleached teeth are! Sorry, guys...I missed my appointment. I guess I can honestly say I'm insanely sane or sanely insane. Unconventionally conventional or conventionally unconventional. Securely insecure or insecurely secure. Although I can be a cynical optimist, I tend to be more of an optimistic cynic. Whatever floats the boat concerning the flavor of the day.

Personality-wise, I feel more like the strange food on a kid's plate. Either you like me or you don't. I may also seem agreeable, but will admit even though I understand and see where one is coming from, I probably won't agree with it unless I'm already doing it or it will work better for me. I do like to learn and admire character which mirrors one's belief without compromise. I lean towards active ambition in effort to achieve. I find reward in purpose in which talents we have been blessed with are used in humbleness to accomplish goals which benefit others.

Kids? - Yes. 2. (Garron and Poky) After years of single parenting I'm just thankful I have two marbles left to call my own. Yay! Poky leans toward every parent's dream of, 'Not my kid.' Yes, she's the adventurous one... Don't want anymore unless they're yours and they've left you two marbles as well. In fact, active parenting preferred - Especially understanding that wonderful role can be summed up in 3 words: Trial and error.

I guess that's about it. Feel free to contact for more info. Take care.

Poems by Jennifer L. Stephens:

This is me

This is me
Head down, back turned
Standing in strength and belief

This is me
Wielding a sword against
Dominions of hate and violence

This is me
Hoping people will begin
To put value back into life one at a time

This is me
Not caring if nobody cares...
And just asking if you do

I Want to be Blamed

I want to be blamed
For loving my neighbor
I want to be blamed
For helping within my power
I want to be blamed
For encouraging self-reflection
I want to be blamed
For taking power away from hate and violence
I want to be blamed
For planting seeds in creation that
Brings talent into light and promote life
I want to be blamed
For smiling
I want to be blamed
For being a gift
I want to be blamed
For helping encourage hope for achievement
I want to be blamed
For being nonjudgmental and not being judged
Do you want to be blamed?
What for?
First Date
For the Alpha Male ideology: If I like you, I will shave my legs. Have the person pay attention to me, be able to maintain eye contact, and not answer or show interest in his cell phone. When I think about it, the best type of date with someone compatible would be to have the guy sit under a tree and me lying next to him, with my head resting against his leg. I would read out loud while he played with my hair. Another goodie would be to throw frisbee and I will dive for it if warranted. Not good at skipping it on the pavement or having it come in on an angle, but can aim well enough so one can catch it under the knee easily. I'm out of practice, but do enjoy shooting pool as well. I learned how to hang out with the guys growing up with my Dad and brothers, so got the classification of being pretty cool. And guys...Just remember...You're not the only ones singing, "I need a lover who won't drive me crazy." - John Mellencamp
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