Author Thread: Lochgelly Baptist Church prayer request 09/01/16

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Lochgelly Baptist Church prayer request 09/01/16
Posted : 8 Jan, 2016 06:37 PM

Hi everyone, can't be too specific on this without breaking confidentiality, but i'd encourage you to pray for my church at this time, last year it was decided(with the agreement of our pastor who is also my dad) for my dad to step down as pastor..unfortunatly our church has(like a lot of churches in our area) been struggling to finacially be supported at the moment the majority of our church is elderly/ dad fortunatly has willingly taken on pastoral support on a voluntary basis, and is still secretary we also have an interim moderator who has been helping and advising us on repairs to the church building. We will be doing outreach from the end of February...and need prayer on the way forward for the church, one of my visions would be to see some young adults come to church, as every church in my town(not just baptist) have been struggling this way. in the middle of Februrary i will also be doing some pastoral support whilst up north in the Hebrides..Please pray for guidance in this, PS yes i know i am one of few adults in my own church, but if anyone has any advice etc i'd also appreciate it and be willing to hear it. God Bless

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