Author Thread: indonesia boy who love mission reach for campus

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indonesia boy who love mission reach for campus
Posted : 22 Apr, 2019 11:44 PM

hi, im chinese born jakarta, im christian new born Working as HR manager in factory industry area in tangerang

im serve in campus ministry since 2007, my hear is mentor the young leaders in campus,

part of my passion focus to raising new leader and to shape 7 mountains leaders to transform nations,

im Pasionate and dream build my own company for training, recruitment, and HR business

and for mission, i had a dream to build mission organisation like ywam, but much more integration in business profile, so in the day they were normal workers but had a christ value kingdom, but in night the were missionary reach people, share gospel, pray,

and one thing, i also got a dream about me going to europe and amerika, teach in church and young people specialy campus about muslim

how do you think it will happened or this is just my mind thinks ?

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