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Reading: Left behind The Kids
Posted : 13 Sep, 2019 03:42 PM

I hate to read!!! I have never read a whole book all the way through before. Even in school, never read a single book all the way from cover to cover. I always got book reports off of the kids a year ahead of me from their previous year and copied theirs, as that is how much I hated to read and still do! Did I mention how much I hate to read? But a neighbor told me about the series Left Behind. Then I found out there was a kids series. And lets just say I can't put them down. I have been on the series all spring and summer long. I am a slow reader. But mostly just trying to find all 40 books was a task in itself. I eventually got them all used at the dollar book store in town except for 37. I had to buy that one new. I am up to 34. After I finish I may try the adult series or I may reread the kids series as there is a lot I have forgotten. But it gives you a lot to think about. I think it was the 3rd judgement that was the wormwood asteroid. I know we don't know when Jesus is coming back, but with this big asteroid coming so close to earth in 2020 or is it 2021, or 2028, see I can't remember, anyways it makes you wonder if the end is near. And with everything going on in the world you have to wonder how much longer the Dear Lord will let it all continue. They also have The kids in an audio book in dramatic reading. May try to get those and listen to them. May learn more if I listen instead of reading.

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