Author Thread: 5 things I seek in a wife from the Lord

5 things I seek in a wife from the Lord
Posted : 5 Dec, 2019 05:38 PM

1. First thing is always first. She needs to have Jesus in heart and in her life, and she must worship and praise the Lord with all of her heart.

2. I would love it if she was talented in arts and crafts. Painting, sculpting, drawing, all of it. This is something I would love to learn, and maybe some day we could both make a career out of it somehow. It's something I hope we both can enjoy together.

3. I hope she's a good cook. Maybe even more so than my own mother. We'll see. Anyways I stink at cooking.

4. She needs to know a lot about cars and vehicles. Because I lack knowledge in that department. Funny enough I was watching Sesame Street and there was some girl on it who fixed a truck by pulling a cookie. It's a small thing, but it shows me there are women who knows about these things. And yes, I'm a grown man who watches Sesame Street, shut up.

5. I hope she has anorexia. I know this one might seem weird, but let me explain. I've always been more attracted to women who are slimmer than normal. I know most people with anorexia deals with their body image and being too underweight, and in some ways I know how that feels, except for me it's somewhat opposite. I don't have anorexia, but I have always had issues with my weight and my body, and I love to meet a women who can understand me in that way. I know to some people it might be weird to see a big overweight man with a small underweight woman, but even if her outward appearance isn't so appealing to the eye I would like to tell her that no matter what she looks like on the outside, no matter how little weight she has, her true beauty comes from the inside, because Jesus is in her heart. And seeing her living with this disease and being ridiculed by the world because of it, yet she doesn't let it all keep her from worshipping and adoring the Lord, that would really bless me just to witness that. She'd be small, but a strong woman, and I want her in my life so I can protect her. The world might not call her beautiful, but I will call her beautiful. And both of us be blessings to one another.

Please pray that God I will give me a woman that fits all five of these attributes. I will be praying as well. God bless you.

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