S.S. Nov 13, 2007

I found my soulmate on this site and we have become exclusive and no longer need your services.

thank you so much for helping us to find one another.....

God Bless

W.B. Nov 8, 2007

I just want to thank you so much because I met my future husband on your site and he is everything a Godly man should be, and I thank God and Christian Dating For Free .Com for giving us the opportunity to meet...

God Bless You

T.T. Nov 5, 2007

I have found my husband on your site!

Thank you so much!

C.C. Nov 5, 2007

I've met someone and it was on your site.

I will post a success story when I get married.

thank you!

S.G. Nov 5, 2007

This site has been GREAT!

I have found a wonderful man with your help. We are planning our future together!

Thank you so much and God bless you!!!

T.G. Nov 5, 2007

I found the love of my life!


T.C. Nov 5, 2007

I thank the Staff of Christian Dating, for posting this Website.

I have met a young lady... we are now dating and talking to each other.. and so far it is very promising.

again I thank God for this service.

R.H. Nov 4, 2007

I came to this site determined to stand firm on NO PICTURE. I wanted to meet men of character and I knew I may wait a time for men of character to initiate and keep a conversation without a picture.

Through a series of letters to a man, also without a picture and 3000 miles away....the character traits I had been searching for were revealed. We exchanged numbers and never had a conversation that lasted less than 5 hours.Still no pictures.

He and I are connected in our belief's 98% with the 2% being varied biblical interpretation. Only by the grace of God did this union happen since I 'accidentally' came across your website.

I am confident that if he is not God's intended husband for me, then I will still be blessed to have a friend in him.

Thank you for this meeting place!

V.L. Nov 3, 2007

I have found a really nice friend on this site.

D. Q. Oct 30, 2007

YAY i met someone awesome
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