Jackieann & Dustin Jun 19, 2021

Finding Christians on mainstream dating apps can be hard, so I looked for other options and found this. A few weeks later, a sweet lady messaged me. We started talking and quickly developed a connection. I’m in the US and she was in Kenya, but it all felt so natural. I visited her 8 months after we started talking and proposed to her. We’re now married in the US and she's my best friend.

Anonymous May 29, 2021

Hello CDFF I am so thankful to God for helping me to get my life partner, I’m glad that God used CDFF platform

I am so grateful to CDFF for laying such good platform to find my wife

Michelle & Kevin Apr 15, 2021

carol camp & Jay Combs Feb 16, 2021

We just got married after meeting a year ago on CDFF. Thank you for your ministry! and your prayers!

Amanda & Chad Feb 12, 2021

I came on this site in 2010 just looking for a friend after a painful divorce. I found Chad and we clicked instantly. It was like we had known each other for years. He was patient and didn't push me to start a relationship. He told me he would wait for me until I was ready. Fast Forward 11 years later and we are married with a beautiful daughter. I can't explain how grateful I am to this site for introducing me to my soulmate. THANK YOU!

Eugenia & Jeffrey Jan 3, 2021

I relocated to America with my daughter on July 2018 and by first week of August, I met my man on this wonderful platform after over 10 years of being single. I lost my first spouse to death two months after wedding and he never lived to see our daughter. Few years after, I was still skeptical of dating and when I tried to, there were lots of deceptive men and those who seem to get down to marriage, were not as God-fearing as I desired for the sake of my baby girl cos I hear stories of men molesting their step daughters. I was really scared but I kept believing God to give me my heart desire and boom!, God showed up through this platform (CDFF) and gave me a wonderful husband and a great dad to my daughter, just barely 4 months of our dating. We got married on 7th Dec, 2018. He is indeed a God sent to me. I am so soooo grateful to God and I am saying thank you to you all that created the CDFF platform.

Eliza & Keith Sep 28, 2020

I've never dated for years because I am afraid to engage so much in fornication so signing up with a dating site with an intention to marry is always my to go profile. I have signed up for many dating sites and got involved with many social groups with the hope of meeting someone who I can fall in love with. I have met many fake man, fake accounts and disgusting human beings even with a Christian dating sites like this, but I didn't give up, i have high hopes for humanity hahaha. I just focus on the genuine ones who can provide their identity and proved to be genuine. CDFF is so far the best dating app I have signed up to. Don't get me wrong I still encounter some fakers but I chatted with more nicer people here. Keith is the best thing that happened to me. Meeting him and chatting with him in CDFF is the best gift ever. We have mutual interest and we understand each other right away. After giving me his identity we started to call and chat with each other. After months of online conversation and falling in love. We met,got married and we decided to start our journey with God. We got married and both got re-baptized at the same day.
I believe that God will use CDFF continually as a platform where destined people are meant to cross paths.

Yariela & Matthew Sep 22, 2020

She is from Panama Central America I’m American. We met 1/2020 here on cdff and physically met in 2/2020 in Orlando FL and proposed marriage. Separated by Virus pandemic in 3/2020 for 7mo’s. Kept in love and in contact with internet. Married 9/19/2020 in Georgia. Praise the Lord. Let God be the one to direct your search, your relationship and your life. Thanks CDFF. Matthew & Yariela

Anonymous Jul 13, 2020

This is my success story! It all started when I wanted to get married and realized that all women around here about my age were already married. So, looked for her on dating websites. It was a little frustrating at the beginning since several long conversations from several different dating sites led nowhere. But thanks be to God, I finally met my wife on CDFF. We got married in less than a year we started talking through this platform! I write this to encourage other men to continue trying.

Colleen & Dan Jul 2, 2020

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