Lily & Christian Dec 10, 2023

First of all we thank God ....I meet my husband on this site we already married in Dubai United Arab Emirates date 16 this Year 2023 we just wants to thank you for this site God bless you.

Lily & Christian Dec 9, 2023

Hello I find my husband on this site thanks to God we already married this year December 16,2023 Jesus is lord.

Lena & Jeffrey Oct 10, 2023

We met in person on February 10th 2022 were married on February the 17th 2022 and fled the war in Ukraine on February 24th 2022 a beautiful story of love I look forward to sharing

Kristine & Paul Oct 2, 2023

For we walk by Faith, not by sight

We are grateful that God used this platform as our medium to get to know each other and be together as one in reality.

Just like the lyrics in a song, God blessed the broken road that lead me straight to you

God is an amazing Father! We just got married September 25th, 2023. All praises and glory be unto God forever and ever!

Thank you,
Paul & Kristine

Anonymous Sep 23, 2023

Hi! This website was the place where Jona and I met (2021) and we are happy to share our testimonial, long distance can work, especially having God in your lives as the center of the relationship. Now we are married and hope you can keep praying, developing a characted according to Gods plans and trusting him.

PS: If theres so way to deactive our profiles, let us know, we havent found how to do it :P

Anonymous Aug 20, 2023

I joined CDFF since June 2022 and Harley has been here 5 years looking for godly wife and I was praying for God fearing man too. He approached when I was still teaching bible course in Florida back in Oct 2022, I was busy and his messages were ignored. On Christmas day he sent John Lennon's Christmas song, which reminds me of my late mum. I messaged back and found out it's the same man who approached me back in Oct. I was tired of scammers and men who were lazy to even call or to drive more than 1 hour to court for a girl. So I started talking with Harley every day, he called for hours (max was 5 hours) because we were LDR. I was in california and he is in new mexico, then we started video calling. After 3 months he proposed, I was about to teach bible in Alaska, I said to him to wait for me. He wants to get married on 30 April 2023 (his bday) but I got a deliverance conference to attend in Minnesota, he understood and waited for me, wedding got postponed. Finally we met face to face on 28 May 2023 and we got married on 31 May 2023. I told him once over the phone that I would love to get married by 45, and he married me 14 days before my birthday. It was the fastest decision I ever made. We both serious and ready to settle down. We want to encourage all singles here to : Take a Chance. So many guys searching for beauty queen but he never found, and girls looking for knight shinning armour or richie rich but she never found. Please remember to put Jesus first at the centre and above everything and Take that Chance! I remember my one girlfriend said: if you have another train passes by, please catch that train and don't miss it!
Also to remember to open your eyes as wide as possible before marriage and closed it tight after marriage.
I hope our testimony will encourage everyone to keep praying and looking for their future spouse. Glory to God!

Anonymous Aug 5, 2023

Jesus is the Best! Bringing Jacki and Seth together through CDFF! We fell in love,
We care about each other so much, and are best friends. We overcame every challenge to our love. Distance couldn't keep us apart. We married July 2023 Just 13 months after we met! God bless you and thank you so much for this dating platform!

Maricel & Cantrell Jul 19, 2023

My husband and I met on this platform back in 2017. The day before Cantrell (my then husband-to-be) contacted me, I had just ditched a guy I previously met on the same platform. That night, I told God that I was done with dating or courtship unless He brings the right man to my doorstep, literally or figuratively. The following day, Cantrell contacted me on the platform. At first, I really wanted to ignore him. I had met so many "frogs" or fake Christians/jerks online (here and on other platforms) that I really didn't want to deal with another one. But I remembered my prayer the night before. What if God answered my prayer and Cantrell was the one God sent to me? Curiosity won, and so I finally responded to him. And so glad I did.

Cantrell turned out to be the most amazing man I have ever met. In less than four months, we were married. Yes, it was a whirlwind romance and something I had never regretted. You see, Cantrell and I have been waiting all our lives. We were young, but not that young or naïve. We already knew what we wanted, and we also knew what we didn't want. Meeting each other in person or deciding to get married was quite easy for us. We connected spiritually, were attracted to each other physically, and were in love. For the first time in our lives, we both felt we finally found what we have been looking for all our lives. We both found a "total package". There was no hesitation, doubts, or fears, either.

Prior to going online, I thought online dating was for desperate people. But I soon realized that online dating was just another platform that God has graciously provided for singles to mingle. Too many single people are sitting around, waiting for their spouses to fall on their laps when all they need to do is either go out or go online. I did both and I'm so thankful that I found my own true love online. I was so thankful to CDFF for creating this dating site. I was so inspired that I wrote a book to help other Christian singles find true love - "Finding True Love Through Online Dating - A Christian Woman's Guide" now available on Amazon. I pray many more Christian singles will find their true love online (or offline). I even promoted CDFF in my book!

Thank you again CDFF! I have never known so much happiness. We just celebrated six years on July 10, 2023 and we are still smiling from ear to ear. God is always good and faithful!

Maricel Colquit

Anonymous Jun 4, 2023

I’m married

Anonymous Feb 14, 2023

2019 27th September
Monica contacted me on CDFF
I already had my fifth profile opened because I got discouraged and delete my profile four times.
And had no hope that I will find a marriage partner here.
She was brave and contacted me, I was not against our communication, so I communicated with her. As I was getting to know her, I found a jewel in her heart. She was a precious child of God, faithful and honest to God. I was looking for that in a woman.
I started slowly to fall in love, I felt like I've known her all my life. We were ready to get married in 2021, but I was not allowed to travel by plane because of the corona virus crysis.
We lost the money for the plane ticket. We had to work and save money for a whole year so that I can travel from Macedonia to Brazil. 2022 December the 14 I booked my ticket and entered the plane. I traveled 24 hours. And finally she was there waiting for me at the airport in a beautiful dress. We went through all paperwork and got married on the 3rd of February. I had the best moment in my life we got married in a Church the ceremony was wonderful.
I am so thankful to God for this beautiful woman. I am thankful to the pastor that married us. Finally it is real.
If you love a person, fight for that person.
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