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* I need someone who HAS THE DESIRE and ABILITY TO TRAVEL and TO LIVE ABROAD (who has an interest and feels comfortable with Latin languages and culture. My main focus area is South America; It might also include Europe and other places as well, probably for short periods of time).
* It will be great if you are able to work online / independently / on the road / speak the language, communicate, live and work in a country where the language spoken is not English.
* You must believe in EQUALITY between men and women.

I am calm, laid back, loving, caring, very affectionate, goodhearted, sincere, supportive, encouraging, lively, adventurous, spontaneous at times. I can be playful sometimes, but I have a balanced, and sober personality. I am a dreamer, but also realistic and down to earth. I am artistic and musical. I like languages, culture, general knowledge. I am very health conscious and ecologically minded. I am classy and simple. I like to have a good balance between city and countryside. I love the warm weather, and look forward to moving to a warm place. I am a free spirit and I love to travel and to go on spontaneous short trips.

I like nature, beach, parks, sports, extreme sports, outdoor activities (mostly in warm weather), biking, swimming, barbecuing, concerts, travelling, experiencing new things, meeting new people, spending time with family and friends, DIY'ing and home improvement projects, RV'ing, camping, going to the movies, eating out... and I also like to stay at home and spend quality time together - watch TV and movies, relax, cook, cuddle. I love doing things together!

My areas of interest are: music, arts, design, engineering, business, entrepreneurship, sustainability, organic farming, non-GMO's (Genesis 1:29), education, etc.

I'm a Pentecostal / Charismatic Evangelical Christian. I believe in the gifts of the Spirit being dealt with sobriety and correct doctrine. I am very careful with false doctrines and teachings and with Christians who keep searching for manifestations of the Spirit, but lack a good foundation in the true Word of God and end up being lost because of that. I am a true Christian who just wants to live a regular life, observing God's values, and to have everything with balance. I am not involved in any church or independent ministries as of now and I don't plan to be involved in one any time soon. * I might have my own ministry some time in the future.

I am searching for a TRUE CHRISTIAN MAN, TRANSFORMED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, who has a good character and godly values, who truly knows how to LOVE his woman according to Biblical principles; someone who wants to be a REAL PARTNER, who likes to dream, make plans and develop ideas TOGETHER with the woman; someone who is psychologically and emotionally mature and sound, who likes to be an active member of the family and household, who is proactive and likes to get involved and does what is needed without being told. I like sharing responsibilities in the home and doing things together, enjoying each other's company, working hand in hand.

The male personality that I like is: Manly, but sweet, romantic, easy-going, with a good nature and attitude, humble and wise in order to maintain a healthy and loving relationship, a true friend, loyal, respectful of the woman, generous, a giver and provider, who does for the woman, and who will walk the extra mile for me. I would enjoy someone who likes to have sound conversations, who is a good listener and will be my best friend. I need someone who is very affectionate and totally fine with PDA - my nature is to touch and show affection at all times, so I want a man who does that naturally too.

In terms of Christianity, I am searching for a man who is aware of the events of the End of Times that are happening in the world right now, which are Biblical prophecies coming true, and who believes and has a conduct of EQUALITY between men and women. I believe in having a balanced partnership and parenthood, working and making plans together and valuing and respecting one another and each other's personalities, opinions and will. You need to have a mentality of freedom, equality, support and encouragement in order to be with me. OBS.: I believe that men and women have different roles according to their nature, but I DO NOT believe in the leadership of the man over the woman and the woman's submission to the man in the marriage, like it has been propagated by many Christian doctrines (and by many non-Christian religions as well), as it is VERY CLEAR to me that the original Biblical scriptures don't support that view. Many words and meanings from the Aramaic/Hebrew and Greek have been mistranslated and misinterpreted and I believe that what is written in many translations and versions of the Bible that we have nowadays DO NOT REPRESENT THE WRITINGS IN THE ORIGINAL SCRIPTURES. Biblical concordances, culture and traditions at the time the Biblical passages were written, and the character of God itself contained in the Bible confirm that. There are many thesis and works by theologians and linguists that support the fact that there are several errors in translation and interpretation of the Biblical scriptures in the existing translations. The word "head" where it relates to the man/husband and the word "submission" where it relates to the woman/wife are big examples of that. Whole passages have been modified in order to fit a male dominant point of view that doesn't agree with the character of God described in the Bible. *** I'm sorry, but if that doesn't go according to your beliefs and understanding of the Biblical scriptures, based on everything that you have been taught, which I believe is wrong theology, we are not going to be a good fit. I AM NOT WILLING TO DISCUSS THIS TOPIC WITH ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH THIS POINT OF VIEW. You can just search for a woman who believes in what you believe. Shalom and God bless you.***

About alcohol, I can drink socially sometimes and accompany people who wish to have a drink, as long as there is no drunkenness involved. I like some cocktails, liquors, and light drinks. And I can use alcohol for cooking and baking. But I don't care for alcohol for the most part, and the smell of alcohol on a person or in the environment bothers me (that generally happens when the drinking starts getting too much). Cigarette and drugs, including marijuana, also bother me. If you are a transformed Christian, knowledgeable in the Word of God, who has experienced and witnessed the grace and love of God for us, and His power to break us free from ALL evil and transform us, you will for sure understand that and feel the same way about these things (addictions, compulsive and harmful behavior, diseases and conditions, etc.).

I want to find someone with similar beliefs, mindset and disposition / lifestyle in order to have an awesome relationship, have fun together, get married and have kids. My goal is to have a family. I want a man who is marriage-focused and who is not interested in playing games or wasting time.

I will not have a long distance relationship. If we start talking and believe we can be a good fit, I would like to make plans to be physically close and get to know each other well. I want to relocate to a place with a warm climate.

And the rest we can talk! ;-) :-P
First Date
Chatting on instant messenger at the CDFF's app as an introduction, so we can get to know each other better and see if we are a match.

If we go out I would like to go to some place that will allow us to have a nice conversation and be relaxed.
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