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Nature, beach, parks, sports, extreme sports, outdoor activities (mostly in warm weather), biking, travel, exploring, swimming, movies, eating out, barbecue, DIY'ing, RV'ing... music, arts, design, engineering, business, entrepreneurship, sustainability..
About Me

ME: I am calm, laid back, lively, always smiling, friendly, outgoing but reserved, true, sincere, loyal, supportive, loving, sweet & warm, very affectionate, adventurous, and a little crazy in a good way! :-) I'm playful and jokey sometimes, but I have a balanced, serious and sober personality, I would say. I'm classy and simple / artistic, musical; I like languages, culture, general knowledge; I'm very health conscious and ecologically minded.

I like the warm weather mostly, but I do enjoy the freshness of the air when it's cold, I love the snow, and I love Christmas time in NY.

I am a true Christian who just wants to live a regular life, observing God's values, and to have everything with balance. I don't want to be involved in any church ministry, or other ministries, at this moment (I have served in many ministries in the past). I might have my own ministry in the future - according to God's will.

I am a born again Christian, I have a strong biblical foundation, and I believe in the gifts of the Spirit, but I'm careful with false doctrines, incorrect Biblical interpretations and teachings and the wrongful use of the gifts of the Spirit. I am aware of the events related to the end of this Era of Grace and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ according to Biblical revelations.

I am a FREE SPIRIT. I like to travel, go to places, meet people, get to know about them, see how they live, make friends. I would like to have a partner that has the same interests, heart and mindset, and that would like to do LIFE (AND GO ON MISSIONS) TOGETHER WITH ME. I want someone who is not afraid of and ENJOYS TRYING NEW THINGS, TRAVELLING, LEARNING NEW LANGUAGES and who is OPEN TO THE IDEA OF LIVING ABROAD. With all that, I also DO like to have STABILITY, and to have my roots fixed in a place where I have my family, and I want to give this family environment and stability to my kids.

The most important things I'm searching for in a partner are good character, loyalty, faithfulness, partnership, love for God and commitment to live a real Christian life - MEANING: be real, be a good man, do things right, with the best of intentions and ALWAYS WITH LOVE, which is the main thing for God, and should be for us also, and keep godly values.

I am searching for a REAL PARTNER, someone who is psychologically and emotionally mature and sound, who likes to be an active member of the family and household, who is proactive and likes to get involved and does what is needed without being told. I like sharing responsibilities and doing things together, such as cooking, cleaning, fixing things, arts, DIY'ing and home improvement projects, etc.

I believe in EQUAL AND BALANCED PARTNERSHIP AND PARENTHOOD, working together, making plans together and VALUING AND RESPECTING ONE ANOTHER and each other's personalities, opinions and will - Dominant males with machista convictions and behavior, controlling, manipulative, critical of others, intolerant, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME!

I would enjoy someone who likes to have good, meaningful, and even not so meaningful :-) conversations, and who is a good listener. And I want someone who is very affectionate and who is totally fine with PDA!

I want a good balance between going out and having fun, travelling, etc. and staying at home, watching some TV, relaxing, cooking, hugging, cuddling, snuggling, and spending quality time together. I love doing things together!

Right now I am focusing on professional aspects and working on getting other degrees. I will be studying for the next years, both on-line and on-campus, and working part-time / being self-employed.

I want to find a special someone to get married, have an awesome relationship, and raise a family together.

* If you are able to work online / independently / on the road it is a great plus!

Please ONLY contact me if you want and are open to the same things, are ready for this kind of commitment, have financial stability to have a family, and are comfortable with me studying for the next years and can be supportive of that.

... And the rest we can talk! :-D :-P
First Date
Chatting on instant messenger at the CDFF's app as an introduction, so we can get to know each other better and see if we are a fit.

If we go out I would like to go to some place that will allow us to have a nice conversation and be relaxed.
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