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For now it's connecting with that one potential 'forever' - wherever she might be in this world or hung up in heaven somewhere
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Well, I would say that I try to live by conviction; I do not look to appease or cater to crowds; I do not seek attention or acceptance and can do without an applause. I see the world through selective lenses. I am spiritually conscious and, therefore, may be at odds with mainstream; I'm into Godliness - not religion. I believe in the separation of The Church and The World. Furthermore, I believe the mind is precious and critical and can easily become corrupt - hence I try to abstain from that which is canal/worldly. I'm not into anything fake or make-believe nor am I necessarily a fan of flair.

I appreciate substance and have a low tolerance for emptiness; I admire beauty - especially in its natural form; I tend to gravitate to one's heart and soul - appearance is too apparent. Give me character over luster and quality over quantity. I love the natural aspects of life; I believe in purpose of existence. I love passion. I'm into diversity and I'm an advocate of unity. If something isn't for me, then I learn to do without it!
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Actually, I'm not sure I can say that I have some type of bucket list when it comes to "choosing" the right woman. And the reason could simply be the fact that the choice is largely up to The King. Hence, because it is the King's choice, I see no need I would have for nitpicking – since no one knows me (including my needs and desires) better. Instead, my focus tends to be on the lifetime experience there is to gain (on both sides) from being with such a person rather than the selective benefits I would have assumed to be receiving from individual attributes. Furthermore, such an experience would most likely be realized by a relationship - resulting through the emotional and spiritual bond/connection we share - enabling us to go through hell but ending up in heaven - together. The fact is, attraction will allow us to set eyes on each other and may even help BRING us together, but it will certainly take more to KEEP us together. And yes, most definitely! I do appreciate and thank God for pretty cheeks, tender lips and fine hips – but, like I said, I also know that those of themselves do not hold relationships together.

Also, I am of the view that the cause(s) for failed relationships or marriages among the redeemed are not socially, economically, or physically based (as society would have us believe) - but instead, they are spiritually and/or emotionally rooted. It all depends, therefore, on how susceptible we are and, therefore, how exposed the relationship is to be influenced by the enemy and his agents. I will even venture further to say that the survival of our marriage is going to depend largely on the level of our SPIRITUAL MATURITY and EMOTIONAL STABILITY - for demons are not phased by how educated we are, how great of a career we have, how fine of a shape our bodies are in - and they are definitely not deterred by how well we are able to quote the apostle Paul or even our other varied religious accolades. Instead, demons are restricted, in part, by how well you and I know God personally and our ability to personally relate to and be guided by Him. A challenge for them exist when they know that we know and are able to discern them - as the true enemy - that we're indeed conscious of their presence, their motives and their tactics. (…lots to say but unfortunately this may not be the outlet or forum)


FOR NOTIFICATION PURPOSE: I think I should point out that I no longer consider myself as what some would call a "conventional Christian" - being confined to a particular religion/denomination and/or conforming to its norms. In other words, having pledged my allegiance to the Father, my commitment/devotion is to Him and not religion - hence my loyalty is to the One True Church and not to any one specific denomination. I am a member of this One True Church which consists of all those who have responded positively to the call of the Father in surrendering their lives unto Him. Individual membership of such a Church is marked by The Spirit of God within the individual and not necessarily by how he/she has been indoctrinated by religion. Furthermore, I am committed to seeing God's people (The Church) come together - the body of Christ be unified as one. The division the enemy has created and has caused to permeate and perpetuate among God's family (The Church) makes The Father's heart bleed. It restricts the working of God among His people and distorts the true image and representation of Christ on earth. Therefore, with all I know and have been convicted of, It remains my duty and commitment to live accordingly and promote the same.

Any institution or individual using this site or any of it's associated sites for studies or projects, you DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.
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