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To be wherever He wants me to be - With whomever He wants me to be - Doing exactly what He wants me/us to be doing. That's my focus right now!
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Really, it's not even about the attraction, what he/she likes to do, how accomplished the person is, ethnicity, or even age. Being happy in a relationship/marriage all boils down to whether you guys can get along (good chemistry) - believe me on this, I'm your elder :-)! And maybe that's why it's called a "relationship" (two people on the same ship being able to effectively and happily relate to each other - in spite of sea conditions ). Hence 'Good Chemistry' speaks to our personality - the person we are within that causes us to live life without (on the outside) - It's the culmination of how God (The Creator) has formed and wired us; how our parents and/or guardian have raised or nurtured us; how life experiences have shaped and fashioned us; and how spirits now either influence or control us - both as spiritual and social beings. And, believe it or not, only The Father knows all this about us. So, yes, we are truly more than what the eyes can see - what a picture can show or a profile can reveal! Therefore, it's with great seriousness that I wish to caution everyone (especially if you're a true believer) to depend on conviction more so than emotions when it comes to your potential mate. And remember , please don't let the attraction become a distraction - Instead, depend on conviction - for that's how The Spirit of God rolls!

Okay, with that out of the way, here's everything (and I mean everything) you would need to know about me. If and after reading my entire profile, I can promise you'll be in a position to just say: "I Do." I'll also throw in an extra $1000 and a bouquet of flowers if you do:-)!


An American citizen - traveled to the Caribbean (where I was originally born) on a mission's trip that was extended due to a business investment opportunity. However, planning to relocate but would also like to be with that special someone. Lived in the Northeast, the Midwest and the South while in the US; been married once before (17 years) and I'm now believing God for another opportunity at forever; two little angels 7 & 8. Current home State is New York but looking to resettle in any other State or anywhere else I'm destined to be - just not sure where yet - God's will be done!!
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Well, I would say that I try to live by conviction; I am not a follower; I do not look to appease or cater to crowds; I do not seek attention or acceptance and can do without an applause. I see the world through selective lenses. I am spiritually conscious and, therefore, may be at odds with mainstream; I'm into Godliness - not religion. I believe in the separation of The Church and The World. Furthermore, I believe the mind is precious and critical and can easily become corrupt - hence I try to abstain from that which is canal/worldly. I'm not into anything fake or make-believe nor am I necessarily a fan of flair.

I appreciate substance and have a low tolerance for emptiness; I admire beauty - especially in its natural form; I tend to gravitate to the heart and spirit of things more so than to its appearance. Give me character over luster and quality over quantity anytime. I love the natural aspects of life; I believe in purpose of existence. I love passion. I love diversity and I'm a an advocate of unity. And If something isn't for me, then I learn to do without it!

MY INTEREST (in a best friend & lifetime companion)?

Like I said, I'm leaving this whole thing up to God - since He knows what I need (better than my own self). I'm honestly thinking that I just want to be happy, enjoy some great friendship & companionship, have some relative peace, and experience some level of fulfilment - again, with whomever, wherever. and doing whatever. Also, the fact that I have known Him to always give me more than I need and better than I could ever do for myself, makes perfect sense for me to simply depend on Him. I would think He knows all about Chemistry, what's real. who's authentic, and everything else - including who would best help keep my fire burning :-).

Finally, I should also let it be known that since having found the All-mighty, I no longer consider myself a "conventional Christian" - being confined to a particular religion/denomination and/or conforming to its norms. In fact, it was All-mighty God who called me out of religion and also gave me the passion to see His People (The Church) come together and reflect the Body of Christ and the oneness of The Kingdom. I therefore live by such conviction and seek to promote the same. Thank you!!

Any institution or individual using this site or any of it's associated sites for studies or projects, you DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.
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