mistakes made!..."but GOD"always has a back-up plan!

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African American
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A Marriage Partner
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Possibly, who knows
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Yes but not living at home
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Interests winning souls for The Kingdom of GOD!!!
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I am a simple down-to-earth guy!...who takes my walk with The Lord very serious!...not a worldly Christian that is influenced by the things of this world!'s systems!'s views and values!...nor it's opinions!...I strive to live according to The Holy Bible and nothing else! daily desire is to walk in The Spirit and to please my Heavenly Father!...I believe GOD is calling and molding me into an Evangelist!...that's the call I can sense on my life right now!...this is a partial description of the spiritual side of me!...the carnal side of me likes fishing!...hunting!...traveling!..watching and going to NFL games in person to see The Dallas Cowboys!
(my team of course being from Texas)...I desire a wife that likes to do things together not married yet acting like roommates!...I like closeness with my Wife daily hugs and communication where we can be on the same page as we grow and become one! ...a team for Jesus Christ!...don't desire someone who rarely spends time together being so busy with careers!! etc....I overstand these things are equally important!...some people think marriages just grow themselves!...sorry to say this but it has to be said!...too many women in The Household of Faith struggle with wifely submission!
(The Holy Bible) not man's version of submissiveness!...many Women of GOD cannot see this is a major barrier to them getting married or staying married! if you are a woman that struggles or have problems with respecting your Husband and his role in The Kingdom of GOD!...if you are not a team player or if you have a narcissist mentality!...or yet still a lil girl trapped in a grown womans body!...selfish and self-centered as if no one else matters!...please let's not waste each other's time!...I've dealt enough with religious!...contentious!... manipulative!...undelivered rebellious women who have no humility!...constantly fighting for control in relationships!...GOD has ordained the order and structure of The Family from The Beginning "HE" changes not!...The Man of GOD is The Leader/Head/Provider (covering) meaning leads by example in all things!...not as a ruler or tyrant over His Family...but leads with Love as the example The Lord Jesus Christ shows us!...HE is the Head
of The Church (Wife/Bride)...
"GOD is THE GOD of ORDER"! doesn't matter to The Lord how much money a potential Wife or Husband makes!...his/her position/title educationall level career or calling in The Church!..etc!...those things matter and appeal to our carnal nature or our fleshly man!...not GOD!...I will be a friend!...not just Husband for life to the right Woman of GOD who's value is far above priceless rubies!...I will cover you my future-wife!...mentally!...emotionally!... physically!... financially!...but most importantly of all!... spiritually!...though it may not seem to some who reads this!...I am a Loving!...simple!...down to earth man!...the right Woman of GOD will see that!... anyone that GOD does not want me connecting with!...may get offended and move on after reading my profile!...TYJ!!!...Praise The Lord!!🤣...I am focused time is short!....there's just no time for the insincere ones with wrong motives and agendas!...I am sincere about pleasing The Lord Jesus with my Life!...can't afford to be unequally yoked or attached to the wrong woman!...(none of us in marriage can afford to be so)...The Lord has shown me glimpses where he is leading me!...The wife for me is passionate about winning souls!...a heart for The Lord's inheritance (the lost sheep!)...lover of all people!...not moody!...boujee!...and some-timey (temperamental)...well rounded mentally!...spiritually and (oh-yeah!)...physically is a definite plus🤣
First Date
every woman is different so I really don't want to say!...buuuuttt!...after attending a play or concert! earlier that afternoon! outdoor Seafood Restaurant on a slightly cool night would be a nice end to the date! look across the table into each other's eyes and see if there's some type of spark growing!
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