Seeking my Horseman of God.

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I have many interests, anything out of doors, is right up my alley! Love hunting, fishing, camping, and cleaning out horse stalls. I prefer a fellow Horseman, because horses are a passion of mine, that I wish to share with my future mate.
About Me
What can I say? I have a crazy testimony, and an even crazier heart for the Lord. I am involved in my church, and am studying Gods Word daily to be ready to present the Gospel.

I am not one to rush ANYTHING. As an animal trainer, I have patience for DAYS! No I will NOT give out my number all Willy nilly, especially on here. That is not something I want just any old person to have access to. This means I am not going to read two messages from you here, and suddenly wish to text you. That having been said...

I am fun, funny, often funny looking, haha, have a unique sense of humor, and yet, serious by nature. I am NOT a people person, I prefer the company of pets over the common people most days ( I like honest, kind, and intelligent people... but there are more animals, than this sort pf persion); It is physiologically impossible for an animal to lie, be fake, practice selfishness, or be hateful, so naturally, I pick them over people. I enjoy the company of a small circle of friends in my
Life, instead.. I do not and WILL NOT play games with you!
( the unhealthy mind and heart kind, not the healthy, fun kind)

I am very much so all about biblical based dating. I believe accountability goes a LONG way in resisting sinful temptations. ;-) This is not negotiable, and here is why: If a man is not willing to begin a relationship in a manner that honors and glorifies God, then how am I to expect that he will lead my home in that way? Any man that wants to date outside of Biblical principles, or thinks he’s been saved long enough to be lax on honoring God, is NOT the kind of man I am looking for. God fFIRST, then our mate, and so on. This means there is no chance AT ALL for sex before we are married, because..How is that sort of relationship ANY different than what happens in the world??

I am brutally honest, and as you have read, I hold nothing back. There is more to me, but you will have to engage me in conversation, to learn the rest. I hate when folks play[mind]games; total insult to intelligence.. I just want someone that is real, seeking God above self, and willing to serve and be served in love.

I am NOWHERE NEAR perfect, (I realize that we are here to learn, and to be pliable, that God may more readily use us in the lives of others), if you are (you think you have got it all figured out), please move on... I hate perfectionism (and self-righteousness), as it is a false satisfaction, better used to distract than to engage. I want a man that KNOWS that his flaws are outlets for the power of God. I know, tall order.

If you made it this far, and you feel you fit the description of whom I am seeking, please leave me a message. No pick up lines please. Be original, and start a conversation, thank you.
First Date
I would love to do a triple date, our meeting, plus a trusted couple from YOUR circle of Christian friends, and a trusted couple from my own circle.
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