"Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD." Proverbs 18:22

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Matthew 11:28-30/James 1:27
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A Marriage Partner
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Matthew 16:17-18
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Mind-Set Life Coach, Life Coach Minister
Scripture, Torah, Nature, Reading (in general), cooking, walks, travel.My interest in a woman: Honesty, Consistency, Open minded, Sacrificial, Compassion, Unique, Considerate, modest.
About Me
A man after God's heart.

All praise due to The Most High, The Source, Master of the Heavens and Earths without him there is No-thing created.

Welcome to my profile page and I hope that this will be read and thank you for doing so. First I would like to introduce myself as a man after God's own heart created by his wisdom and innerstanding. I like to think of myself as one who walks with God with integrity and innerstanding of who I am and what he created me to be. I have come a long way in life and sacrificed much along the way. I have grown in understanding and innerstanding in God's plan for me by being adherent and willing to be guided in the direction that God is pleased for me to follow. My intentions and my heart I try my best to align myself with the will of God as he guides my steps in this world. My intentions are to seek out the treasure of God that he has in store for me and that treasure is a woman after his own heart and mind. I have been preparing myself for that day to come without a cast of shadow or doubt because that he has promised to me and I'm so willing to receive. I'm a very hard worker with anything I do my profession entails me to be such. I try and see things with an unbiased innerstanding and open mind. I'm not here to debate no one's religion because we are all where God wants us to be at this time as you read this. I like to think that I am a very compassionate man with wisdom and discernment (Praise HIm) I'm preparing myself to be a man and a leader of the household that God ordained a man to be yet there is still work to be done. I am easy to talk to and get along with, kind of a peoples person if you say. I don't think this is very important to mention here because I am not looking for some to engage me because of it but because of my heart and God's spirit in me but I will mention it- (I Own my own business and working on a few educational things to boost my skills and profession but that should not be a reason why a woman should engage with me because she thinks that I have something which I do but not what you think) so I am very committed to that. I love to study and read the scriptures daily for my own spiritual nutrients. I would love to share that experience with a woman of God and do those things together because I feel that would be a good foundation for a long lasting relationship that is grounded in the word of God. I am also working in a certain form of ministry so I may not be a good fit for someone who is looking to be casual and looking for a mediocre form of relationship. So in all, I am truly working on myself to improve myself as I can. I like to joke laugh and have fun so know that because even though we are followers of Christ we don't have to be stuck up and so serious all the time even God has a sense of humor lol. I also want to mention at this time that I was once married in the past when I was in my twenties but now divorced legally and in the eyes of God, the reason I say also the eyes of God because he has the final say so and because most people only as if I am divorced "legally" not thinking about how God sees it too. But God is the judge of all and divorce is permitted by God in his word for the right reasons which is his way, so if that is an issue which it may be with some then that is fine God has someone in store for you as he does me and no one even I am not perfect, that just means your not the one no pun intended. I'm writing all of this so that one can get a good idea of who I'm before we conversate and most of your question maybe answered here (if you really read profiles as you should). I am going to be optimistic about this website even though I know everyone here is really not a follower of Christ nor are all these profiles are real so I am aware of that but you can believe 100% that I am and mines are. Let us be adults about this and not waste anyone's time because time is precious and that time has to be dedicated to God and not someone whos intentions and heart that is not in the right place by coming on here. Please feel free to ask me any question you feel you need. I do not bite and I do not judge. I look forward to speaking to that woman that God ordained for me if you are here I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we will find each other. So I leave you with the Peace of Elohim and look forward to talking to you!

If you have made it to this point then your most definitely a person that really shows an interest.
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