Proverbs 18:22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the Lord.

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I want to learn to be a good friend. Please teach me Lord.
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Jesus death on the Cross paid the sin debt of the world. Because Jesus accomplished what God sent Him to do, God raised Him up three days later. By confessing to God that I am a sinner and accepting Jesus as my Savior I am Saved.
I am an average middle age American man. This means I work in a factory about 40 hours per week to earn my living. I thank God I am able to do so, this is a blessing.
Being an average middle age man also means that I enjoy man type things such as cars, guns, knives, loud music and reading. Yes, reading. Being able to pursue my pastimes is a blessing. I never want to forget that all the things I love to do are made possible because God has blessed me with a sound and sober mind.
I am blessed with a loving home in the middle of the woods. What makes it a loving home is the fact that God is welcome here. He has a place in my heart and He lives there because His Son bled and died for me. Imagine that, the God of Creation dwelling in me. He lives in you too, if you are saved.
I share my home with my three cat friends. They in turn invite their feline friends to come and visit and partake of the food I set out for them. This is a good thing for all of us, we all benefit by this friendship. There are too many other critter visitors for me to count. I try my best to provide a safe place for them and they seem to understand that I mean them no harm.
There are so many details in an average middle age man's life that I won't attempt to reveal them all here. Some of the highlights that might give us something in common include the fact that I am well-traveled in this nation and I would love to travel again. I had a lot of fun going to flea markets, museums, antique stores, national and state parks and so on. I would enjoy going to see family friendly movies and dining out if I had a lady to accompany me.
I am going to get very specific here.
I am praying to find a Christian lady. I want to meet a gentle, kind, mellow lady. I would like for her to be intelligent, resourceful, hardworking and calm. She has to have a peaceful spirit and an incredible and versatile sense of humor. I truly, honestly, absolutely do not care what the outside of your person looks like. I myself am average looking, nothing special to behold and I do not put much importance in outward appearance.
I welcome any lady that feels she fits this description to contact me on this site. I would be happy to at least chat with you and we'll see what happens.
I will gladly provide up to date and honest pictures of myself if you request them and are willing to do likewise. Pictures are not very helpful in proving a person honest and trust worthy. If they are important to you then they are important to me. Now, I want to pray for all of us on this site. Dear God, please bless and protect all the Christian people on this site that are truly seeking a Godly relationship with another Christian. Please give us patience and discernment. Help us to treat each other with kindness and compassion, in Jesus name I pray, Amen. JPS1822
First Date
I would like for us to have a nice walk or drive in some beautiful place. Maybe we could go to Mount Magazine and eat at the restaurant in the lodge. Perhaps after dinner we could walk on one of the many trails that circle the park. This is just one of many possible date ideas. I would want you to help make that decision. This is what a good relationship is all about, sharing.
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