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Please take the time to read the qualities I am seeking before contacting me. I am not interested in someone outside of the USA and, respectfully, only wish to talk with someone with a completed BA/BS/BFA degree. I earned three university degrees and am asking for only one in a match. Thank you for respecting these requests.


I am a whole set of contradictions wrapped up in an enigma until you figure out that it all boils down to having a really big heart and a desire to help improve the world and people in it. I am strong because it is what I have needed to be, and too many men find that reality intimidating. I am not looking to compete with you or control you, and I am seeking that same understanding and respect in return. I want a friend who grows into my love and partner over time and who does not let his insecurities and history (We all have them.) frequently impact a relationship.

Let us start out as friends, see what we have in common, learn what kind of activities we enjoy doing that might be fun to try together, figure out what kind of music and TV shows and books we love, and talk about our goals and dreams.

I love traveling. I have been to 32 states and several countries and plan to keep exploring. The Bahamas and Bermuda have been my favorite trips abroad so far, and Disney and Cape Cod are fun domestically. Hawaii and Japan are on my travel list for the next decade, once my son is old enough to really appreciate them along with me.

Here is a big one: I conceived my son using a donor from a cryogenics bank. I have no regrets and know in my heart that it is what God intended for me. My son was even early, putting me into labor on Good Friday and born exactly at sunrise on Easter Sunday. If that is not an a message of love and support from God, I do not know what it is. He is a super sweet and highly intelligent child. He is also my number one priority. I am not looking for an instant daddy and will not even introduce you to him until I know a relationship is going somewhere. I just want to be upfront about our situation and let you know that how he came into this world is intentional and in keeping with my values.

Other things to know about me include that I did 20 years of animal rescue work and fostering before my son came along. We live with cats now (not too many) and will adopt a puppy in a couple years as his 10th birthday gift.

My degrees are in creative writing and English literature. My favorite genres are science fiction, fantasy, and mythology. I enjoy soft rock and some pop music along with Amy Grant, Enya, and Phil Collins as some favorite singers.

My cooking skills are well above average, and I suppose my gardening would be if I could manage to dedicate the necessary time to it for an extended period. Let us say that I am great at landscaping and starting out but could use somebody who wants to keep up with the weeding as the summer progresses. :-)

My career has largely been focused on helping people in the higher education arena as a tutor, professor, university director, and now small business owner. I love helping people understand and succeed.

Here are some of the tougher things to take: I am very outspoken politically at this point with the current administration. If you find anything about the Trump administration acceptable, we are absolutely not a match. I am an Independent who has voted Republican as often as I have Democratic, but I have absolutely no faith left in the Republican Party at this time. I am not saying the Democrats are blameless or have not put out their share of misinformation, but it is not even close to equal right now.

In a nutshell, I believe in honoring life in all forms from the beginning short of a threat to the life of the mother, inability of the child to live after birth, or potentially from assault. I know that what is happening with immigrants in this country and especially asylum-seekers has God weeping in Heaven for how lost people have become here and how utterly they fail to understand His message about Whatsoever you do to the least of my people that you do unto me. God also taught us to preserve life and that Thou shalt not kill, so if you are putting your desire for a gun above the safety of our children and people in society, please move on. I have had three family members murdered in separate incidents of gun violence, live in the town beside Sandy Hook, and saw my workplace invaded by a gunman a year later. I am not open for negotiation on this point and will never match with a gun owner.

I also firmly believe in a system that provides comprehensive healthcare and education based solely upon taxes we pay into the system. And, yes, climate change is real.

If we have made it past that section, we are doing well! :-)

I am a three year breast cancer survivor who is doing great healthwise, thank the Lord! My weight ties into a medical condition called PCOS and has been directly influenced by medications I needed to take following the breast cancer. While I have lost about 25 pounds in the last year since they could start to loosen up on those medications, I am never going to be skinny and fit. If those descriptions are dealbreakers for you, we should not waste the time of the other person.

I am not a regular churchgoer the way that I should be and will not pretend otherwise, but I pray daily and make a concerted effort to live by my Christian values. I began and run a Facebook group for other Christian single moms that provides support worldwide to other ladies of faith, and I am raising my son in the Church. He attends services most weeks with my mom and stepfather, and I bring him to Christian Fellowship most weeks as well as VBS.

I am a lady in many of the classic senses of the word, which include not raising my voice, telling you what I think without using profanities, and doing my best to demonstrate the behaviors I would like to see other people, especially my son, emulate. Family is a huge priority for me, and I moved back to my hometown around the age of 30 to help care for my grandma full-time before she passed a year later.

I am a realist rather than an optimist. I am creative and an intellectual. My greatest joys in this world come from my son and helping other people and our world. I have a lot of love to give, and I am looking for a man who is willing to give me just as much as he takes.

As for you:
You have a big heart, even if it is not apparent to other people at times. You are not perfect, but you do your best to live by the values Jesus taught. If you are blessed to have them with you in this life, then family is a priority for you, especially if you are a father. You are well educated, ideally with a graduate degree but AT LEAST a completed BA/BS/BFA degree, and you are an intellectual who enjoys learning.

You care about what is happening with our environment and climate, seek the truth, and try to live as Jesus taught.

I tend to be more attracted to men of Asian and Pacific Islander descent, but what is inside is more important to me as long as you make a concerted effort to be well groomed and clean shaven on the outside. There is a little quirk, I guess. I have absolutely no attraction to men with facial hair. (I will occasionally write and introduce myself to someone I find attractive with a beard or mustache or goatee only because a few men told me they would consider shaving for the right lady. I do not believe in pressuring someone to be who and what they are not, so if you just want to throw out there that you are emotionally attached to your facial hair, I will not be offended and will move on with some positive wishes for your search.)

I do believe in dating people approximately the same age, so I am really only interested in someone between 43 and 57. No smoking, recreational drug use including marijuana, or heavy drinking, please. If you are allergic to cats and/or dogs, then it is also going to end up being a dealbreaker since I am not giving up our pets.

Outside of these areas, I am just looking for somebody with whom I mesh and who might be that missing other half.

I love my son dearly, and, of course, my faith is very important. My work has been very fulfilling, and my extended family and pets are each huge parts of my life.

Nevertheless, I know I am missing the right person to fill some pretty big spaces. If you think you might be the one to help fill them, I would love to talk!

PS My photos are current and accurate. The ones in the green and gold dress are from June to August 2019. The oldest (by the rocks with my son) is from 2014. Please be similarly honest and accurate in presenting yourself.
First Date
Surprise me with something thoughtful and a little romantic. I don’t think people really try anymore to make that great first in-person impression. I want to talk with you and learn more about you at a slow and steady pace, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan a fun afternoon or evening. Just please let me know how to dress so I can keep up. 😁
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