I'm faithful that God will guide you to me, or me to you.

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fellowship about God, our Elohim, with a smaller group of friends, believers, doubters...
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MUSIC, Theology, Philosophy, Ontology, Esoteric studies, Building a closer relationship with Christ, finding mutual love, constant personal growth, altruism, much more
About Me
Hello, I'm Joshua.

I'm seeking someone who truly want's to get to know me, as well as be known.
Not to sound crass or shallow but, I won't respond if you don't have a profile picture, I want to date a woman, not a silhouette.

If you're looking for a man who whats to know YOU, not just your body, but who you are and what your heart and soul feels? that's me.

Things I'm Passionate About;
Groove is in my heart, and MUSIC is in my soul. I have an extremely eclectic taste in tunes, and a very wide knowledge of music. I'd love a companion who feels music, similar to me. Although that's not saying I like all music. Hick-Hop, Dub-Step....yuck!!
I play multiple instruments and would love a muse to make music with me.
I am passionate about nearly everything I get into.
I love to constantly learn new things and new ideas from others. (which can be hard, because I can be a shy introvert)
I'm a truth addict, and love reading various theologies and esoteric things.

I also enjoy reading philosophy, and other things.

I despise TV. However, I do have one and will watch blu-ray movies, Netflix, video games, etc.
I just don't watch television, if you get my drift?
I can't stand social media, I'm not on it.
Don't ask me to find you on Snapchat, Instagram, or whatever, it won't happen.

I'm in my 30s, and I still wear concert/band tees, so what, get over it. haha. I enjoy a nice button-up as well.
I break for squirrels.
I have 2 cats.
I'm an INFJ personality type. (Which make up only 2% of the people in the world. So, I actually am a pretty rare catch.)

So, there above, are a few leads,... so, you can ask me some questions. ;-)

What I can offer you;
I'm the most intimidating, yet faithful and loving, tattooed teddy bear you'll ever meet.
Truth, always truth.
Someone who wants to stand, learn and grow 'WITH' you, not just beside you.

Love, the real kind.

Faithfulness, I have never, nor will I ever, cheat. The ability to even do so is not in my moral fiber. I'm just not wired that way. I am true to my partner.

A shoulder to cry, or laugh on.

fairy tail kind of commitment.
... a vast expansion of your music knowledge,
and a life long friend.

If you are an alcoholic, or drink often (every weekend is often) we're not a match.
I don't want "hook ups", so please don't message me for one, it won't happen.
I'm a gentleman seeking a lady, someone with love to give, and a heart that want's to receive love.
I want something real.

If you identify with that at all, or think any of the above sounds like someone you'd like to know, please don't be shy, drop me a line.
I'd like to know you too.
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