Have returned to this app after a few years of being unactive, ready to find out who God has chosen

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I like cosplay, reading, writing, have a talent for acting and hope to be able to do community theater one day or acting in my church. Also just started crocheting! Love listening to music and going on walks.
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Hiya! Would you like some coffee or coco made by my pet dragon butler? (Is that something a normal person would say? Yes. Totally. 🤭😊)

Im Livvian! I just came back to this site (as of November 22, 2023) after not being on this site at all for a few years, and so much has changed!

I should mention, I quite eccentric and a oddball. So cosplay, acting, story writing, goofy and odd quirks will definitely be present.

Becoming more and more passionate for Christ. Learning more about him and God and working on pursuing him more vividly and deeply.

I am a born again believer, meaning I have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior into my life. Believe he is the Son of God/ is God and man. Lived a sinless life, set a perfect example for how we should live and serve him, how to treat others, and how to speak truth. And died on the cross for our sins to save us from eternal death, and so we can have a relationship ship with him. I have said the believers prayer. And havd said with my mouth Jesus is Lord.

I believe God's word is infallible. All truth, and believe everything it says. I don't pick and choose what his truth is based on my own thoughts or options.

I use the NIV primarily when I study his word.

But also do better using tools like apps to help read the Bible to me while I do other things as I have ADHD and stuggle with consistency and time management. (Just started ADHD medicine to try and help me become better with time management and executive dysfunction, so I can be a better pursuer of God. And be more functional and and organized. ^-^)

On the note of mental health, I also Have depression, clinical anxiety, manic depression, bipolar.

I do have alot of it well managed and well maintained. Take medicine, go to counseling once every a month, and been in treatment since I was 12. So well educated on how my diagnosises effect me. Have coping skills, and Im always trying to lean on God as well as my primary source of help.

I don't wanna have my own kids, I do love kids, but I am worried about carrying my own kids as I don't think I would handle it well, for mental health and physical reasons.

I have always wanted to adopt though.

I do love goth and emo fashion (without it being immodest and without sporting anything witchy or evil.) But also love cottage core, boho styles as well! Have also liked white/negative goth fashion which is the goth fashion, but all white instead of all black.

I am looking for a Christian man with the same values, and who is a pursuer of God and seeking him. Trying to grow closer to him, and looking to grow in a relationship with God with whomever I end up with.

I do have a great veal for life and have much joy and gratitude for it. I try to always be understanding and kind and respectful to all without compromising my values or Gods truth. I seek adventure and new experiences but also love to be still and calm too.

Im a introvert by definition, (former extrovert. Switched via a trauma)

Have cats.
First Date
What Do I Put Here? What I would Want On A First Date? Or Like What My First Date Was? 😅 I'm Too socially awkward for this.

But If I think of a first date with someone it would be to get to know them better and maybe do some sort of activity or a experience of some sort.

I like art and trying new things. A activity could be roller skating, going somewhere to create or try out artsy things like painting, clay or pottery, a escape room, or even something super simple and nice time outdoors! But open to seeing what the gentleman would enjoy as well!
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