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I would class myself as a country person rather than city. The countryside holds more enjoyment in hikes, fresh smells, peace and nature for me.
I am originally from Bristol, but moved up the the Highlands again in October 2018.
There is a profound (ish) story to accompany my conversion and transition into faith and the following of Jesus. My journey started in January 2018, since then lots of positive things have been achieved in my life that has reinforced my belief that I am on the correct path.
I have always felt there was a force beyond anyone's control and have come to realise over the past year it is of divine nature.
Since my conversion to faith, I have never looked back. My love for Jesus is growing rapidly.

I am a nurse (RNLD) by qualification, working with people with elderly. It is challenging work, but rewarding since I get to leave after a day with that warm feeling that I have made a difference to someone’s life no matter how small it may be. That sums me up in general, a caring person who takes great care of the little things that matter such as a kind/reassuring word, or giving a smile to comfort, non-judgmental with vast inner beauty. I seek the same qualities and more in my match, I value greatly inner beuaty over outer.

When I am either not working or developing my social enterprise, I like to get out. Any outdoor activity is fun to me, be it dinghy sailing (although I’ve not sailed in years) through to taking a stroll though the woods. I am trying to learn HTML and CSS along with a whole myriad of other things, that go with trying to get a care social enterprise off the ground, a care farm for people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

My friends described me as follows, I would have to agree.
Dean is an ambitious, career minded person who works within health care. He has spent a lot of his adult life working and volunteering abroad. He enjoys the outdoors such as sailing, mountaineering and diving. He makes Karl Pilkington look like Stephen Fry with Bear Grylls as an addition. He is all three with a little extra. In short:
- Rugged,
- No baggage,
- Driven,
- Brave,
- Incompetent (meant in a the loving way haha).

I am searching for and greatly value a lady with inner beauty, friendly and kind personality/demeanor, non-judgmental who sees pleasure and enjoyment in simple things like taking a walk somewhere. Who also values the small things in this beautiful life, the smell of a forest or waking up in the morning. It is highly likely we will not get on if you see beauty as skin deep rather than putting in the time to get to know people.

I do believe strongly that God does not always place the perfect person right next door. I am fully committed to an initial distance relationship however far that maybe. I would travel to the ends of the earth for love as it is such a precious gift.

The baby in the photo is my nephew.
First Date
A quite meal somewhere quite where we can talk and get to know each others true self. After a romantic walk, possibly by moon light or in warm sunshine long a beach.
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