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I want to meet a good, nice guy who has his stuff together. 😊  I am smart, and want you to be smart. I am ambitious, loving, honest, caring, and totally (but adorably) imperfect. And I want you to be. Please dont be perfect. But be trying! I want to walk hand and hand with a man who can share backyard barbecues, walks through the forest, yard work, playing with the kids, building things, at ourselves, and enjoying all the positives (and not too many negatives) in life. And I hope you want those things too. I want old fashioned romance,a phone call, a date, and real life interaction. I have two grown daughters(25 & 23)and a son who is now 4 years old,  so kids are part of my everyday which means you have to love kids too! Read that again. I have a 4 year old.

I grew up moving a lot, and have lived in many great places, most involving the Rocky Mountains, the sunny beaches, snowy Minnesota. I love all kinds of adventures in all kinds of places, and hope you do too.

I have learned a few things about life. "Well, I hope!" And the thing that sticks out, at the moment, is that having good friends, and surrounding yourself with  people that will inspire and support you is one of the most important things. I hope you have learned a thing or two about life that you will share. I hope to find a connection with someone who inspires me, and is inspired by me. Someone who wants to find a companion to laugh, be vulnerable, trust, play, snuggle, support and love with, but is not in such a hurry you forget to watch the sun come up and enjoy today for what it is.

In the end, maybe you will ride me off into the sunset on a motorcycle (or a boat, or a hot air balloon, or ski down a slope, or ...?), but if not... that's ok, we wont know until we try.

I am a loving, devoted, generous, independent, confident and outgoing introverted woman, who loves to learn new things. I can communicate with ease and intention. I cry. Yep, I do. Because, I feel deeply.  I empathize,can talk about my feelings, share them, own them, and make sure you are not in the dark about them. And I hope you do too.
I am authentic and funny. I can cook, and enjoy it. I car dance, listen to loud music, dance when no one is watching, laugh in church when you are not supposed to, hate doing the dishes, get serious and think deeply, tease, flirt, have great emotional awareness, am kind, love confidence, have wrinkles, still wear crocs when they are not cool, want to hold your hand and kiss you in public, dress up, and dress down, listen intently, want to be listened to, will be curious, and want all the same. The right guy for me will be attracted to sensitivity, compassion, sacrifice, intelligence, confidence, respect, trust, honesty and good communication. Take me on a real old fashioned date, look me in the eyes, talk about your goals and dreams, treat me like a lady. All that gets you treated like the gentleman you are.  I am a good woman. And I want a man who can handle all that. No!  A man who WANTS all that.
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