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You may want to grab a drink and a snack...cause its a long and deep write up.
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Ok, here we go,,,,, who am I.?, super electric man, yeah .long story
:)))), if your curious ill tell you the story,,,,,,,

when they ask "do you want children"? they mean the ones you already have ? seriously... First and foremost I'm a single father and have 15 year old darling twin girls that live with me full time and pretty much ruin my life...I mean run my take everything from me...I mean they are everything to really my girls are very awesome....( when they are visiting a friend or sleeping),,but im thinking they keep staying here because i keep feeding them, hahaha,,,,,,,,,i cant wait for them to get out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i mean i cant wait for them to get out of the shower/bathroom,,,,,,,,lol 😔🙃 ..........does anyone know how to put them back? .if so message me asap please, lol? , oh yeah ,,i have a singing dog also...she is amazing,,,

if I really had to I would describe myself as, stable in my career and goal oriented. i enjoy making people laugh and smile and (in my opinion) i believe i have a very good sense of humor ( im thinking that because i make myself laugh) , I am intelligent, articulate and can carry on a conversation on just about everything. I have learned and believe communication is very key in relationships and listening is sometimes more important than speaking, and I am a great listener, ,,:::::))). I am conscious and aware and have become "compos mentis" and very aware of my thoughts and emotions and ego and I believe that I have truly started to come to know my " self ",
(although it has taken many years of practice and the road of this journey is long ,and far from ending:)))))))), I care about other peoples feelings and being in a relationship, i believe that if it is important to one it should be important to the other. i like to be adventurous, romantic, sensual, playful and basically having and keeping that type of fun and intimacy in the relationship. I like to be of constant and consistent character believing in morals and values, I believe that if your not going to do it, just don't say it ,seems easy and reasonable too me, I am very far from perfect, even my mother would agree, lol, but I do my best to do the right thing.

I am looking for someone to laugh with, travel with and build a life with. I am seeking some one of similar qualities that they can connect with. i feel that there has to be mutual physical attraction for our initial connection, and in my belief once we have connected in such a manner that the relationship (love) should become dedication, commitment, follow through, truly regarding each other, and though for most of us, it seems that our eyes are the window to our heart, instead of our hearts being the window to our eye. So we probably pass right by individuals that would treat us as we should be treated or want to be treated, but instead of letting our hearts determine our relationships, we seldom give certain people a second thought because our eyes regulate whether we can love that person or not. love is a conscious decision of commitment, not some fleeting emotion, love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, or boast, it does not dishonor, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrong, it always protects, always hopes, always trusts, always perseveres, what some of us dont really realize that looking for love may be a contradiction, love is something unique to each of us that we all possess inside ourselves and that level of love never increases or decreases, all the love youll ever have is already in you now. as the same is for all our emotions,,,,,,, its what we do with that love that we have, what i believe, is that we are searching for someone to reflect that unique love back to us and thats where we will find our match ( but that is quite the conversation).

To me love is like the sun, its not selective it shines upon everyone. I think having similar interests can enable us to enjoy some things together. I am not here for any one night stands, head games or nonsense as i am very genuine in my search and want a forever partner in life. i am in search of my best friend,,,, my companion ,,,,,,my confidante,;;;;;my lover,,,,,, and loyalty, dedication and commitment are of utmost importance as I am offering the same and much more.

I believe that I am not your average man and have some very unique qualities, that i am certain any woman would appreciate. I do my best to not be judgmental or critical or formulate an opinion about anyone as i would have to take the log out of my own eye (obstructed with something large) before i can see clear enough to help my friend with the speck in their eye (something small),,,, which means that i am humble enough to admit that i most likely have more issues than others and if i truly want to help someone but my way of helping someone is criticizing them , i should take a very close look at myself (people who live in glass houses, shouldnt throw stones) .i seem to find myself seeing things from a different perspective than most as I always look at the other side,

its apparent that everyone is looking to find someone to fall asleep with and wake up with, and that is an easy criteria to fill, what i search for, is someone for that and to fill the time in between also. I truly feel my glass is half full and positivity is essential , sometimes inevitable things happen in life but I believe that it is how you respond that ultimately determines the outcome. i am a very positive individual and know that we all possess great energy and our thoughts and emotions have significant bearing and factors in our lives, that greatly affect each of us, lots to say on this,

People who know me would say im an extreme one, I seem to enjoy pushing the envelope for most things that I do, I love to sing and play harmonica, drums, violin, eukelele ,piano,kazoo . spoons. didgerdoo. maracas. shakers, cello, banjo, mandolin, flute, clarinet, recorder, trumpet, trombone, acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, slide guitar ,kalimba, chime, lol, I love road trips, and i am into just being at home, doing puzzles, fleamarkets garage sales,,,shoplifting, :) intimacy, or just relaxing, I love to ride my motorcycle, ,,,,,,play golf, tennis, fishing, bowling, boating, reading, pool, darts, air hockey, ping pong, cards, board games, video games, foosball, movies, netflix, youtube, chillin, kissing, road trips, poker,
I am clean, smell good all the time ( according to my daughters ), hardworking, helpful, thoughtful and would so love to delete this profile for " her ", ,,,, There is much more and i will continue this later, ,,,,
ok seriously now, where are you?
,,,,, oh ....and i also "always"put the seat down". )))))
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coffee,,,,,,probably dinner
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