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I have relocated and shall find one
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Professional Counsellor
Mountain biking, movies at home in pjs, Jeep four wheeling, canoeing, mall hopping, dining out
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Required rigorous honesty is the foundation of my work so I am looking for a woman who values the same. I’m into connection and relationship, sharing, growing together. I am one course away from certification as an EFT( Emotionally Focused Therapist). I hope to eventually find the woman God would be pleased that”WE” marry in a covenant with Him and that we serve Him separately in our own work and sometimes together would be just fine😁.

My love language in order is Touch, quality time and word of affirmation.
What might be yours ?

I believe God intended His covenant couple to negotiate, compromise , learn from each other as it states in Ecclesiastes- when one falls the other helps to pick up . So I’d learn and expand through relating and meeting your love language needs and vice versa( Mutuality)😁🙏

WORK in PROGRESS +Mutuality means: picture he sitting in his own chair across from she in her own chair. Their knees touch for contact sake and they both know they are works in progress and both will admit to God and to each other the same.😁

One starts opening up by reaching into a container of slimy elements under their chair- pulling it out and shows the other saying” this is what I am struggling with today.”
The other partner gives a compassionate response asking what their partner needs from them: the partners response is this” Well because we both know that God can heal me when I do my inner work all I need from you is your prayerful support and ongoing love.”

Both smile... stand up and walk to their love altar.

This is how I conduct my part in a covenant marriage. Where are you Baby cuz I cannot do it on my own. I need, want and desire it to be you, Boo.❤️
First Date
I’d like to in the spirit of mutuality figure this out together or one of us can take the lead.

May I share this line from Psalm 147 as it gave me great hope and helped me trust more deeply that God is in charge of all those who seek Him with all their heart:” He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.”

A counsellor once challenged me and asked... “ Jesus’ work on the cross was final and complete❤️. So, Marc, is it possible that those couples who together choose to place their relationship of that complete cross would both be healed by Christ? Jesus would through the male , heal all of the male engendered heart pain that happened to the wife... and Jesus through the wife would do the same for you.”

😞Sadly... I still have not found this woman with whom TOGETHER... all three of IS would accomplish this. Yet on faith 8 believe God will lead me to that she-of-rib with whom WE BOTH will experience the true beauty and miracle of what it means “ and the two shall become one.” Amen😁🙏
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