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YHWH Elohim Yeshua, Bible, nature, music, guitar, writing, coffee, walks, drives, easy n slow not in the rat race, birds, people, poetry, fellowship, evangelist to whosever Father brings my way daily,
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I need a God girl. This is the second coming of Yeshua Messiah. Satan will be here April 2024. There is so little time (22 months MAX), that age should not matter at this point. Yahshua will be here the fall of 2027. I need a women who is spiritual, young and ready to go where ever for Him. She must be girl like qualities. Small shoulders, cute feet, very feminine, petite, figure 8, girly. Must have the hour glass figure an enjoy sex and love to do what Yahshua says to do in His Word.. I am pure and loyal and true. Just a man but an alpha man with a pure heart. Must be thinner no fatty cows. I have never been with a women over 30, and single 25 years now. We are on lockdown with masks till Satan gets here. The live DNA altering quantum dot bar coded tracking tattoo is The Mark of the Beast. Time is revealed in The Word. Yahshua rebuked them for not knowing the time of His first coming? In His love, Mark
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I have never had a one night stand, nor cheated on the women I love. Never. I only make love to my wife.. I am a royal priest, a holy man of YHWH God period, as the Word declares... 42 years ago I met Him at age 22. I have put on Christ. Back in H.S. & college, I was alpha male.. I am a born leader and first born of six. I grew up in a beautiful loving home. I went to four proms.. I was an All-State athlete in four sports and an A student. Mom always told me I was the greatest boy a mom could ever dream for. I never once disobeyed my parents. I turned down five NFL contracts for Yeshua Jesus. Girls said and still do, that I am handsome.. Idk. I am a pure & holy & a child of Yahweh. I play some guitar, harmonica (alone), I love nature, writing, reading, I want to hold hands n kiss an love again, with the one women Father picks. I love life in every single way! I love nature and people,,, just the beauty of everything everyday! I have been alone too long.. 25 years. It began to suc a couple years ago, always alone at events. I found my x in a hotel in 1995, in the act. The kids were 9, 10 & 12. My new website:

Father has quarantined the earth (Isaiah 26:20 & 28), so we may reflect and repent from our evil way of selfishness, not living for Father God YHWH Elohim Yahshua. This is The Second Coming. Maybe you have not heard the good news of the gospel of Yeshua Messiah? He wants to live in you, it is the only way to heaven. You must be born again. This is a real event when The Almighty GOD YHWH moves into your body. Yes. He will not come to you until you seek Him with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13). When YHWH Elohim moves into you, you KNOW IT! If you do NOT He has not. Your life is radically changed forever when Almighty God moves into your body! Behold! All things are brand new! Old things have passed away!! You are a brand new creature! He takes away our heart of stone, and gives us a heart of flesh. You become a four part man, no longer just a two part man (body & soul), you get a brand new born anew spirit man, and the Holy Ghost! In His great love and mercy, He gives you this last chance, because He loves you to the end. Please carefully read Jeremiah 29:13. That is where you find Him. Choose Him! Trust Him! Do not take the mark/tattoo of the beast. Don't fear, Daniel says, we will shine like the stars! Father says, when the enemy comes in like a flood , He will raise up a standard up against it! In other words, He will turn up His Holy Spirit within us! Praise you Father! In YHWH Yahshua Messiah, His servant, Mark
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