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Jesus, writing, art, music, history, exercise, woodworking, politics, Bible study,
About Me
First things first: Jesus comes first. I am trying this because I want to meet a woman who is a sister in Christ who wants to follow Jesus together with me.
Second things second: Since November 2018 I have developed a severe, debilitating condition that doctors have not yet figured out. I have a severe stutter and tic that, when stressed or anxious or around new or numerous people, makes me yelp, groan, or even scream. It is extremely embarrassing. I sometimes I close my eyes and cannot move my body. This has greatly diminished my ability to go places, do things, talk, meet people, and drive. I am currently considered disabled. I do not intend to stay this way.
It does mean, however, that, for now, I cannot attend church or do much in public. My dear friend, the pastor of my old house church, brings me communion periodically, but it has been very hard being separated from a church community.
Normally, I would like to just meet you in a public place like a coffee shop and just get to know you casually. In my current circumstances, I would probably have to talk online with you for a bit before asking to meet in a park where there are some but not lots of people around, because for the first time in my life crowds bother me.
But once I know someone and we are talking about things that are not hard, I can talk normally for days.

About me:
I love writing and drawing, but it is painful for me. I loved helping people learn how to write and try very hard to write well. I don't read as much as I should but I do love C.S. Lewis and Norman Davies. I love the art of 19th century French artists such as David, James Tissot, the pre-Raphealites, most of all William-Adolphe Bouguereau, the 18th century English portraitist Joshua Reynolds, and, because I am a nerd, 20th century illustrators Frank Frazetta, Gil Elvgren, Zoe Mozert, and tons of comic book artists. I try to learn how to draw from them.
I miss being a part of a church and studying the Bible with others. I miss hanging out at coffee shops with friends. I just love visiting with people.
I love the blues, hard rock, Celtic music, zydeco, and many other forms of music. I know a few guitar chords but am determined to learn more.
I try to use my time woodworking and helping my family, especially with my mother's garden. I love my little herb garden and enjoy working with wood.
I am passionate about politics and history, but avoid both right now because it hurts too much. I am very conservative/liberty oriented in my politics, which I take very seriously. I also don't watch sports because I get too fired up. I enjoy shooting and walking in the woods, but am a poor hunter and find it to be work when I go.
I watch too many shows and movies but love them.
I hope one day soon to have a big family in a big house that feels small from all of the children and books and art in it.
I believe a husband's duty in a marriage is to show the world what Jesus' love for the church is like by the way he loves his wife, so that she can say Jesus loves the lost like her husband loves her.

About who I am looking for:
I am looking for a woman who I connect with, who I can lead and who wants to be lead, who wants a family, who wants to go to the gym with me, who is fun and cheerful, and who wants to have a traditional type of relationship even if she is an un-traditional woman. I have made the mistake of having top many prerequisites in the past and so I think I will trust God to show me someone special.
First Date
Dinner or coffee and a walk would be nice. But some of that is rather difficult for me right now.
For now, for the first time I met you, I would like to meet on an afternoon at a park. Perhaps, as Omar Khayyam says,
"A book of verse under a bough,
A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou"

Because if "thou" is the right "thou", what could be more fun?
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