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Learning something new, nature, travel, sustainability, indigineous cultures, music(80's pop,90's metal, smooth jazz and then some..), yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, myself.
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Thanks for the messages, please don't bother wasting your time if you can't hold a conversation, thanks.

Only here for a decent fun mature conversation with someone who is open minded, prefers old fashioned values and enjoys a good banter. Some I could befriend, get to know in person and possibly court(the old fashioned thing) if it comes to that.

If not, no worries:) Not particularly keen on finding someone online though.
Also not clingy. Hm.. picky? Perhaps yes.. like I'm picky about the music I listen to, the friends I choose, the food I eat.. etc.. but not stuck up, neither easy going, somewhere in the middle I guess... there is always space to experience a bit of life in a different way.

To the dear sisters with kids, please don't bother. You are welcome for a chat if you want to though.. look I chat with people online on and off for years, so no dramas.

To the dear sisters with baggage, you know we all carry baggages like beast of burden... such is the lot of humans, having to live with humans, having to put up with humans? But most folk are plain stuck up. I'm going to get to the point- if you are stuck up, things like your belief system you are not going to like me. Neither the kind of bloke to vibe with your hair dye & make up, your fashion sense or your academic and professional qualifications.

And in all probability certifiably full cuckoo(like your folks thanking divine providence for aspirin?. You know, the only reason they won't lock me up in a mad house is because I don't break laws, don't harm anyone, pay the bills on time and pay me taxes.

An extrovert who actually doesn't fit in anywhere and is rather comfortable keeping to himself.
So unless you can hold a conversation or amuse me, yes muse(not entertain)- I find most of our two legged kind and their doings unassuming to say the least:(. please do not attempt contacting me.

If you aren't particular of the kind of food and drinks you consume, you are going to find me creepy.
If you aren't into staying fit, that's fine. Being a couch potato is fine as well as long as you aren't so lazy that your very existence is the source of suffering to other beings.
With existence comes responsibility, the least you can do is assume responsibility for yourself?
There is so much suffering on this beautiful planet simply because the agent of positive dynamic change- the two legged aka homo-domesticus-economicus are stuck up in their socially engineered mind controlled programming?

This bloke happens to be just an average bloke that most probably isn't going to fit into your cookie cutter dreams and expectations for this lifetime. Cheeky to say the least and walks this journey of life by himself.
Most folk can't think outside the box or paradigm in which they find themselves in, having whole heartedly accepted all the BS that they have been fed since birth.

How are you any different than a factory farmed animals? Like livestock we keep doing the same thing day after day... and like livestock you will continue to do so until we drop dead.

Looking for the magical(just for the record, I don't do drugs). Where is the wonder of living? It is said it takes two to tango? Where is the goddess, where is the queen? Yeah call me a pagan but you need to know but I don't follow a henotheistic pie in the sky:)

I follow no one and no one follows me:)

Now if you could laugh like a carefree child, you have my undivided attention! Eyes flashing lol.

Cookie cutter dreams, cookie cutter dreams, time is as fluid as a flowing river,
Seasons come and go,
The years go by,
Everything flows the "S curve",
We were born to die. So be it.
Just the queen, just the goddess, just good company, just a good laugh,
This world is a stage on which we are all actors,
This world is a mad house, am I the only one diagnosed with this dreadful disorder called sanity?
Am I all alone?
No worries, I'm comfortable in my own company! Lol!
So if its not you, it just isn't. Life goes on, no dramas:)
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