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Sermons Christian music. thrift stores yard sales. Revelations conspiracy theory.
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Any suspicious activity on my case contact FBI terrorism task force. Hi Beautiful Creation that is loved are you Blessed or are you right where the devil wants you because he hates all things from God. I try not to say hello its of hell. Also trying not to say awesome. Its sin some etc. I also trying not to use I'am It is one of the names of God as well as others. Prepare for a spell binding mystery. Break that spell. Break those chains that bind us. Be a slave to sin no more. Prepare for the one world disorder. The ushering in of the Antichrist. I will try not to shine an ILL light on the situation. Elion musk rocket scientist, brain surgeon, and satanist. Probably attends silicon valley satanic church. Trying to figure out if I should celebrate The Twelve Days Of Christmas and Hanukkah. I'd get more presents but, nothing is better than The Greatest Present Ever. If you ask me how we are? I will say say cursed but Blessed. Living on borrowed time. My Sabbath is Saturday. Sit Earliest Day. Keep My Day of Rest Holy. sunday is day of sun god. Sometimes life is like blowing leaves into the wind. It comes back at you. Speak no evil. If there is any counselors trying to get a program going with NAMI a PTSD treatment called TNT treat and train some techniques that are teachable cheap safe simple and effective. Hopefully its Christian based. Lots of PTSD out there in this world and will be more as time goes on. The satanists keep digging holes. They not thinking clearly. I don't date separated women. I hope you and your husband work it out. Going to quit smoking soon and I only drink fermented drinks. The other stuff has a flesh eating spirit. Hence the name spirits. If you go out on a limb into the realm of the unknown you may not make it back. if you play with magic the trick may be on you. If you play with fire you might get burnt. Jesus had nothing yet had everything. He turned the tables upside down. Sometimes When you lose you win. The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth .Go Good Go God Gods Will For President Gods Will Be Done Glory To God. Trick or treating is a trick. Mini Mouse hasn't been seen for awhile. FBI suspects brainwashing. Its better to do the electric slide than to tap dance at checkout. Social Conditioning souls to accept mark of beast. Who is Mark Zuckerberg? What is Mark Zuckerberg up to? What is cezars is cezars what is Jesuses is Jesuses. God Loves His Masters Piece that He's trying to erase scribble marks and Saving what He can instead of crumpling it up and throwing it away. Houston we have a problem majority in office passed bill 6666. Demons took over no good belief in government. Trust only God. Fear only God. Good Will Come Out Of It. God Is All Things Good. Eyes set on God anything else is fruitless, no everlasting value. Money momentary value. an expensive piece of paper, alchemy, magic. Now you see it now you don't. The product pricing lie is the work of the devil. Its like a night terror going through the store and surrounded by 9s Golden Rule business practices makes good sense. Turn them into dollar stores round up a penny. I eyes sees eye and eye sees I eyes and eyes I can't see sees I eyes all around I For your God is watching I. He's the only one to fear. How blind can I be ?I cover the eye that tapes with tape so that eye can't see I eyes. Something that has plagued me a longtime. I see makers mark, I see tool maker mark, I see watch maker mark, forged in the fire by the smith, I see marks scribbled on Masters Piece, I see the serpents weapon, I see a symbol the calling card, I see territory mark. I see ground breaking pure evil that we are not supposed to see. Can you see the trade mark? what I see is using his tool against him. To help Save and be Saved. To be a Vessel. Single Christian brother. looking to find wife, a world mate, my soulmate is The Church. Not much faith into technology. Tech Walls. It takes one madman one mistake. DNA Do Not Alter etc... We not Creators. If we eat from tree of knowledge surely we will die? We aren't intelligent enough to overcome hurdles. Technology is sitting on a powder keg smoking a cigarette. Not what God wanted for us I think. Back to The Garden where it is safe and nice. I believe when we tune in we tune out and when we tune out we tune in. I'd like my wife to dress properly because, seduction sells. Its a sin that leads to more sin. I have no problem with weight, for lean times may be coming. and I like to snuggle by a fire with my companion. The most important is she puts God above all and we follow Jesuses rules for marriage. We are to be filled up on Jesus and fueled by God. We shall time travel into the past present and future through Gods Word. History does repeat itself. We are to Worship and Serve God. Satanists need not apply FBI is taking notes I highly doubt they keystone cops. When FBI ask questions people start talking. Its a runaway freight train. We can't stop it its gaining speed doing a lot of damage heading to The End. I will borrow the word the quickening. Its a battlefield for eternal soul. We hoping she is computer savvy and retired a plus. Motivation important I ask for a good wife. Let His Will Be Done. We are not to change it just warn people, shine the light, get the occult out of our lives and help Jesus find His Lost Sheep. I don't give out my number or email out often. It would take sometime to get to know each other. too many scammers satanest etc...I've been an unwilling participant in a mind control program MK ULTRA and Wikileaks car hacking program VAULT7 D.C. UBER 2014 Chevy Cruze (a car that was made in like 5 countries including russia) Eagle Catches Sitting Duck we were doing capabilities test. We traveled to different parts of the country. A cat and mouse game. They would attack and track with different types of technologies. I tried to countermeasure by the best of my abilities. It involved injured in an accident Secret Service Agents, Almost became international incident with Canada. German Shepherds. cavalcades and times, government instalations and monuments. Staying in 5 different capitals. airports. approaching local and federal authorities. Links to a famous family that I wont divulge out of respect. A March on Washington without peace sign (its an altered Cross and a bad history) Fire at an apartment building displacing like 50 people, as well as other fires. The changing of road signs including speed limits. detours. Coercion of other people. people including myself losing assets and having to work on a budget to fund my counter attacks and defence, this involved using resources available to me, preservation of my own life and many others, identifying friend or foe , staying on cameras, decifer information, dealing with satanest that were sadistic at times, seeing and hearing evil, witches helping handicap individuals, serial killers, had to come up with plans of defence and action, I relied on my Faith of The Almighty God, I listened and not trusted my emotions, I was imprisoned in my vehicle through various means, denial of housing, unlawful entry, breaking and entering into residences and unlawful entry into storage units and property damage and theft. Hacking of classifieds when I was trying to raise funds with stuff I had. Hacking of email tablet computer and 6 or 7 phones including denial of getting through to 911 services. Hacking of xm service, radio stations, on star system, blue tooth system. GPS systems. computer systems in communities, Tire monitor system and possibly smart tv. the hacking of news and shows in the hospital through their switching system, the changings of vehicle programs and drainings of battery in car and locking up rear brakes and rolling down window when I shut car off during a blizzard and hazard lights coming on whenever I started car. phone calls to places I went into, two people threatened home invasion and robbery and when I reported it. they locked me up in hospital said in court I barracaded door, two large boxes, sealed court records, lack of state police report after 7 guns pointed at me after reporting crimes at a state police barracks and unlawfully bringing me to the hospital in shackals and having a 1,300 storage fee for vehicle, unlawful entry into vehicles, unlawful hacking of vehicle, unlawful imprisonment in home by threats and the hospitals by officials, I've had evidence stolen, the planting of drugs and drug paraphernalia, dealt with isolation, sleep depravation, temperature extremes, dealing with street actors, satanic school system with three satanic named sports teams and city that I tried to help with their satanists problem. I protested, went without medicine, had to approach authorities of many local and federal agencies, I had to modify and repair my vehicle, I've dealt with electronic harassment including electronic weapon, person to person mind control, group gang stalking. gas lighting and passive aggression including property damage. navigation traveling around country including going around major cities, I've documented, fake kidnapping and bomb threats, had mind control in hospitals, questionable medical procedures, medical malpractice, drugging of an individual, deceptive counseling and the altering documents, defamation of character, They falsely filled out real estate contracts, I tried protecting evidence and personal property, trying to meet homeland in airport vicinity and then going in hospital to get evailed, for them to go over car and waite for them to interview me, they never showed up. I experienced quite a few FCC violations, Dealt with people conspiring against The U.S. government, I've had death threats and attempted murder, poisoning with methanol alcohol in an emergency room. Caused a seizure. The lab said I had alcohol in system. I didn't drink. I've dealt with loss of opportunities, including education, loss of loved ones, my loved ones dealt with pain and suffering including loss of money, and I've dealt with loss of pets, loss of friends, and etc....Forgiveness is key in this. Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. Lay troubles at The Foot of Cross. While going through this and afterwards I realized vulnerabilities of a weapon of mass destruction. Simon says for vehicles to crash. Who is Simon? What does Simon say? and When does Simon say? lots of vehicles are vulnerable they are unsafe. they say its for assassinations purposes. How many 35000 dollar cars does it to kill a person? Its like taking a nuke to a gun fight. That is a lot of hardware. Please as a service contact National Transportation Safety Board and politicians we need a recall to update programs. close back doors manual access only and disconnect tire pressure monitor system. Transportation vehicles including train ships and planes. Other countries can do this to us it takes one madman simon to say. At the same time you call politicians ask for a back to work bill to shore up grid incase we have an emp attack or a keritin event we are due for one. Those would be devastating. Check and balances to prevent entertainment of mass destruction. If you have any information on Tennessey truck driver freaking out on highway I while back. I would like to know about it. I have a dire warning that the USA may be in peril. There's a real good chance we may be modern day babelon. a lot of idolatry in this country and coming out of this country. We need to repent get back to The Ten Commandments this Country was founded on and perhaps we can change stars on flag to 6 sided with 12 stripes get rid of satanic symbols on flag. I will stay awhile and maybe go. I have doubts The People will turn from their wicked ways. I will be so close yet so far. I will head to Wilderness. Its just getting started and yet its almost The End. Out of the ashes of modern day babelon rises The Eagle. Once the merchants etc.. are taken care of I hope we become The Eagle and evacuate Israel into the wilderness. I've also experienced what its like to win the lottery of life. Sometimes that's not a good thing. U.S. got to get the occult the hell out. And only Worship God. And sorry for bad grammer. I was absent minded during school and there may be a cia spellcheck too Thank you God have Mercy on us.
First Date
Start with talking online and then make plans from there. Eventually after a few dates I would like to take my companion to Cherokee Nation for a vacation. kinda see a like Eden and Brother Steven is ordering a hit on Al Park get him out of picture. If you want march on over there check for eye tape him up. Keep the Peace without the sign. Get it out to Nation. Would like to take vacation to silicone valley too. One Infinet Loop Drive To the headquarters. Protest entry points with a Uhaul truck and signs. and then protest NTSB. maybe meet a vietnam veterin that has agent orange that wants to fly a crop duster over monsanto H.Q.s and apples inner garden at thier H.Q.s and dump biodegradable red food coloring to represent the blood on their hands. God Bless The End Is A New Beginning
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