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Hi, my name is Yusha. (You-Shah)

I am on here seeking to make a connection with someone, I would consider myself a strongly devoted Christian, the hope would be to formalize a friendship with potential for more, a Christ centered gospel focused relationship. My faith in my beloved Lord, Great God and Savior Jesus is the most important thing and it's what gives my life to the true meaning.

I am an Orthodox Christian, meaning I believe in The one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church (no NOT "Roman" Catholic but they are our Apostolic brethren), by Catholic* I mean the original meaning behind the word, which is "Universal" Church, that said I believe The Orthodox Church is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, founded by Jesus Christ and His apostles, the same church Jesus taught he would preserve and the gates of hell would not prevail. It is organically and historically the same Church that came fully into being at Pentecost (Acts 2).

I am definitely not opposed to making a connection with someone of a different denomination; I believe as long as one holds to the necessary/required beliefs for orthodoxy such as (the deity of Christ, his death on the cross, his Ressurection) then a potential relationship is certainly possible plus I am fine with that. 🙂

Orthodox Christians like myself accept the Bible as The Holy Scriptures and the ground of our faith and practice.

My Orthodox faith is expressed most succinctly by the Nicene Creed.

I believe in the Creeds and 7 Eccumenical Councils of the Church.

The larger Church as a whole has long since abandoned this practice that was implemented to safeguard The Church against heresy, confessinalism is a vital part to ensuring a Church's survival and preservation to not compromise to a vastly changing worldly ideologies and philosophies.

The major focus of worship as an Orthodox Christian for me is adoration of God and communion with Him. Thus my faith is expressed in its liturgical Jesus prayer. "Have mercy on me Lord, a sinner".

Having said that, daily bible reading is something I commit myself to and If I am unable to read then I will plug in the audio bible and listen away. I believe in the Deuterocanonnical books and have chosen to employ them for scriptural reading, I have read my bible various times which has been challenging for sure in multiple languages, several concordances, commentaries and study versions. I am not a strict KJV only-ist but am not offended by anyone who is. I enjoy reading the Bible in various English translations.

I attend an Orthodox Armenian Church and aim to be more involved in it's ministry.

Now that you've read that far I shall express some doctrines and beliefs I hold to, The theotokos and the PVM, Theosis, The Essence & Energy Distinction, The Eastern position of the creed with regards to Singular hypostatic procession, I also believe in the Veiling of virgins and women, Iconography, The Real presence in the Eucharist, Holy tradition, true efficacy in the sacraments, Holy Baptism, Chrismation, toll houses etc..

As far as what I enjoy in my liesure time, I try to maintain an active life, such as jogging, weight training/cross fitness, & martial arts. As a matter of fact my current job (which is all outdoors) requires that I be physically able to do lots of strenuous physical lifting.

I also am interested in evangelism and other necessary moral causes such as abortion.
I defend the rights of the unborn and activley work with a ministry that works to combat the evils of abortion...

Lastly ..

I know that on social dating sites we are encouraged to describe ourselves and at times we can exaggerate ourselves and abilities, that said I will be sincere and state that I myself am a sinner, and I deserve God s wrath, I am a man with a sinful nature BUT thanks be to God through faith in Christ Jesus that I no longer have to live in condemnation, I am a continual work of sanctification for as long as I may live, not perfect but the Lord is purifying me so that my life may honor him.

If you have made it this far then you are one of the very few, may the Lord bless you for reading this and if you are interested in what I have to say or curious, please feel free to send me a message. I would love to hear from you.

Blessings to you in the name of our God and Savior and his eternal Spirit.

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