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I love my kids, family, friends, playing soccer, hiking, making music, reading, and quite a few other things. Not enough time!
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Single dad with 2 incredible kids. Passionate about God and life. I seek a spiritually mature (cf. Galatians 5:22-23), emotionally available, psychologically stable, financially astute, intellectually challenging and physically attractive women who has a healthy relationship with her father and who can carry on a conversation with grace, depth, and humor. (Well, I have to keep my optimism up, right?). I don't do porn, debt (mortgage aside), or drugs. (If you do, we would likely not be a good match.) I am not seeking hook ups, FWBs, or sex before marriage. (And please don't contact me if you are outside of North America as the distance is likely too great). If you are wondering, I've been separated in 2018 when my wife abandoned me and my divorce will be finalized soon. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to save the marriage as she turned her back on God and was not loyal. Never saw myself as a "divorced guy" in the least, but I married poorly as we are at very different places in our spiritual journey and I am accountable for that. I can only be responsible for my part in the separation but not her conduct or decision. I don't wish this to be about her, so I can fill you in more if you wish to know. I hate divorce and truly do believe in to "death due us part", but she, obviously, did not. People can judge if they'd like, but God knows the story and continues to have a love for me that that is eternal. Brokenness is a part of life in the shadowlands and that is why we need the Lord to make us whole as a person (or even group of people) cannot do it. I share custody of the children but unfortunately she currently has more of them as they are younger. Wonderful little humans.

I enjoy, in no particular order, running, hiking, soccer, ballroom/Latin dancing, scuba diving/snorkeling, making music, worship, service, reading, options trading, evangelism/discipleship, pro-life activism, and time with my kids, family and friends.

"Life is pain, princess...anyone who says differently is selling something" (The Princess Bride). (But thankfully our Saviour and Lord is with us in our pain!).

Philippians 4
James 1

Thanks for reading and all the best!
First Date
It doesn't really matter when you can have a great conversation and enjoy one another's company. There is too much pressure on first dates and the "emotion" of it all and too much attention paid to appearances. Sure, feelings have their place, but just saying....will it really matter when you are 80 years old if the person you share prayer, breakfast (and other great things) with won a beauty contest, was a member of Mensa or the captain of their team, or was the "trophy" they can show off to all their friends and family at church or was a modern day Paul of Tarsus? Who wants to be old and alone? That all said, it's a minefield out there. Choose wisely. I didn't and won't make the same mistake again. But great date ideas can include going for a hike, lunch, church ministry or service activity, or maybe making music? That's me playing a few Christmas tunes at my dad's place in the past.

P.S. I likely will not be that frequently on this site, so if you don't hear from me immediately, never fear. Life is full!
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