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College Student and Therapuetic Programmer for now, but I am looking to be a Pastor when I graduate from the colleges I want to go to go to and evenutally start up my political science education to be a Christian politician
Religion Studies, Science Fiction, Video Games, Theology, Music, Social Networking, Limited Government Politics, Research, Autism Awareness, Learning Disabilities and Other Disabilities Advocacy, Coping Skills, Instant Messaging, Civil Discourse, Philosop
About Me
I am a sensitive, smart and quiet young man. I graduated high school in 2011 and I was going to a community college to study Psychology (which is close enough to Pastoring.) My main life goal is to complete my degrees from a Bible college to be a minister/pastor/preacher. I love to learn about religion, theology, science, Christian apologetics, philosophy, and politics :peace:. I love science fiction, listening to God-honoring music, and playing video games are my favorite thing to do.

Even though I only drink alcohol with my extended family on special occasions to be safe, I do not need to drink alcohol, so please... do not refuse to message me over that issue if you cannot message or favorite people who drink or you can only message those men who “must not drink”. I’m not dangerous at all...!!

Three things you need to know about me is I am on the high functioning autism spectrum, have several learning disabilities like attention hyperactivity deficit disorder (and I self and unprofessionally diagnosed myself with having dysgraphia, because I have trouble writing, typing, but less problems with tying my shoes as an adult)) and I want to be a Christian minster/pastor/preaching and later politician and cultural influencer cfor a living. :angel: I am a relaxed guy looking for a girl that loves me for me, but loves God more.

There really aren't any good Christian girls that are my type or pay attention to me at my church, despite our immese growth of attendants. It seems like at my age, people are too busy with their lives, careers and responsibilities to think about or spend time for even casual dating relationships because it comes with too much of a life-long consequences, whether I am at a secular college, church or any other co-ed situation involving my peers. As you may have guessed from this long blurb, I have a lot of needs and wants in a wife!

I think it has to do with my few, but intense interests and beliefs The young adult ministry for our age group is less active with less members than it was many years ago . I'm looking for someone at my spiritual level, life goal calling and can share or tolerate my interests/hobbies, but it looks like that's too tall an order for a world of reality. I would like to have things in common enough that we believe the same things (religion and politics,) career goals (you can help me cope with my disabilities and help me pastor my church that I could work at in the future), we need to balance each other out where there are negatives (like my disabilities that you can help me out with and my strengths complimenting yours in a different way of thinking about it; usually more traditional and “central coherent” thoughts, since I am an unconventional and dedicated thinker) and be best friends despite our attractions to each other. We need to be a complimentary man/woman team that works for the best of everyone and everything!

I am kinda shy around girls in real life so I joined this site, but I am still looking for someone at my church. Unfortunately, asking out women out of the blue with no previous close friendship especially compared to vice versa, does not work well with people to whom you only know face-to-face who are not there to directly find a date. Most people in real life are cliquish, standoff-ish and unwilling to risk being seen or know to be going out with you if they knew you first in real life. It’s just a social norm that people (hopefully) do not mean to be unkind or uncharitable towards you! The career I'd like my woman to have would be in the speech therapy, counseling, special education or social working industry to help me out with my disabilities but also loves the church ministry like me. She doesn't have to be those things I mentioned first, but I'd like some help to improve my condition and maybe even performance. The help I would get can come from those career fields.

Currently, I got rejected by a girl at my church who could have professionally helped me with my disabilities and I was crushed. She probably wasn't the one for me, but helping me out with my disabilities is the most important idea, even more so than being a minster/pastor/preacher. It will be a hard find to find not only that characteristic, but the other needs/wants that I have and probably won’t change in someone that I knew first face-to-face. The other things didn't fall into place, but I was willing to accept that for a harsh world of reality that sin resides in. My social mistake was still trying too hard (and unconventionally, but innocently) going out of my way) to be a good, platonic friend for her since this happened and it ruined what was left of our small friendship. I unintentionally and accidentally being in a co-ed Bible study with the woman to whom I last asked out in real life and all I did was respond back to her acknowledgements of me (which were not romantic or sexual) and she seemed to not remember our fallouts. I’m not pursuing a friendship with or or interacting with her on social media even her feelings change for me even as just a friend. 😳 🙈 —-> 😐

Now, I don't know what to do since I am not connected with any women at my church, I am an only child, a very introverted male with social shyness and anxiety, I have changed homes, schools and churches over the years and I am socially intelligent enough to understand that I cannot treat any co-ed situation at church like a dating service or event. Honestly, she still controls my top fantasies of who to be with, but I hope and I think am, getting over her, but I try to politely stay away from her. I’m just being honest with my subconscious romantic life! Work with me where I really am because I have learned to not run into commitment that would not be a marriage proposition!!!

I think that no other women is viable for me and on dating websites (most of whom are secular, free, and without a matchmaking system) have people looking for sex outside of marriage and for me to send them money because of the catfishing. I won't ever do those things! With my age being considered, I am running out of time to marry and have healthier children (hopefully who will no be as disabled as me) quicker than most men, because I am attracted to older women. Women, who are older than me are more mysterious, introverted, but more social than I am (which would probably mean a moderate introvert who a bit more extroverted than me), intelligent, mature, wise, experienced, and mature than I am, are what characteristics that In l am looking for in a lifelong, monogamous, functional and hopefully happy significant other in wedlock. Also, waiting too long can increase the possibility of contracting autism (maybe) and other birth defects (though we still don't know what causes autism). That’s why I will try to have children before my wife is 35 years old. It is wrong to rush anything, but the medical facts are what they are even if God performs another miracle (just like my birth) is allowing my wife to have my biological child(ren).

I am looking Christian woman who loves God just as much as me, looks to me for guidance, submits to me, has similar interests, ministries and life goals, likes hardcore Xbox gaming, listens to rock, rap and heavy metal mostly :rocknroll: a virgin until married, will stretch my intellect and vocabulary, will always find her beautiful and exciting, shows constant affection, interesting personality, doesn't nag, compliments my personality (especially my weaknesses like autism and LDs,) is a limited-government conservative politically, religiously, socially and culturally (I’m a limited-government conservative who is basically a constitutionalist, but I additionally believe that there should be even more limited government with Mark Levin's "Liberty Amendments" and an appropriate legal right in the private sector to application of appropriate private sector rights to the freedom of religion, speech, press and assembly that includes social media, is a very conservative evangelical fundamentalist Christian, is laid back and works with me but has control over myself and our future kids when she appropriately needs to be and who preferably isn't autistic or learning disabled in my areas because I need help interacting socially and staying on top.

I don’t want a bossy wife and mother for my children. I like similarities, (I'm not racist or discriminatory but) I'd like to preferably have someone who was light-skinned (it is a biological phenomenon that paler skinned females are considered more attractive [unlike the opposite for males] because women can more easily give birth in the cold with less melanin in their skin) shares my cultural upbringing and attitudes and (only optimally) Scottish (she would sympathize with my vulnerablities, but it is no where near an essentially all!), but those characteristics may shift based on realism but I should not overly settle (I still have not found that balance)! I defend my lack of guilty-ness (though those traits are not an essential for a successful marriage) in that throughout the history of mankind, females are considered more attractive with light skin probably because they can have more children in the cold weather and my potential significant other would best understand me. Ever since I was a child, I wished that I had more darker skin because those types of males seemed to be more attractive and I got bullied by everyone, including Caucasian Christian elementary school boys for being so pale. It would be better if I married someone from the same country as me and had a similar heritage as me, especially with our religious and political history. However, it is just a nice bonus for the easier location relatability because it is always more about the person. Stuff in common that we would both understand each other and could relate to each other, ya know? We still need to have the same values and beliefs regardless to a certain and reasonable extent. This doesn’t mean that I can’t date someone outside these ideas, it as just typically easier for me to have those things in common. People can date whoever they want, even if they are different, as long as they still love each other for who they are. It is wrong to peer and guilt pressure me to do things that I don’t want to do and call me a bigot. It doesn’t help anyone. Racially Jewish woman can be attractive to me because they know what I go through as a pale skinned person. In fact, the best relationship that I ever had was with a half-Israeli girl from the internet when I was in high school even though she was agnostic. If an opposite or any other trait that they get in another person that they’d love more, who am I to judge if they like someone more who is different from themselves....?!?!! Just don’t judge me as a racist, okay...??

Marriages tend to have more acceptance based on similarities or desired traits over societal re-engineering, ok, but it is not a guarantee of failure or social osctracizement and stress...???!!!!!!!!

My infatuated feelings jump constantly even though I want to settle down with a wife one day because that is a much happier and stablier situation for me in the long term and probably because online dating is less connected with the two partners face-to-face (to which is not my or any other individuals fault). However, some progression of more intimate/romantic feelings should come with an improving relationship otherwise you don’t want to be in the relationship in moving forward! It should be a “suitably fit helper mate that goes alongside me” (Genesis 2:18).

I've decided I don't want to date anyone who is over 35 (though it is not a hard and fast rule, especially when miracles are involved!) because we need time to date, get engaged, then get married, and finally have children. Five years after 30 is pushing it, but I don't want to block people out. Like I've said before, it turns out according to science that the longer you wait to have children, the more likely that person develops autism along with other birth abnormalities. I don't want to curse my children with what I have, but I can help them out with my experiences. It’s not impossible that I won’t end up with a woman that I started dating when she was 35 years or older, but I am just being realistic based on the laws of science that God endowed with us. I would prefer to not date a woman who just recently turned 18 (that’s the age of a adulthood in my culture), not only for the aforementioned reasons, but I do not want to engage in any possibility of being a pedophile. At the same time, I do not want to push any person away from my life if they are positive towards me back in a mutual manner.

It's a well know fact that straight guys wanna really hot girl by their side and I'm no different. :excited: Sorry. I don't care about eye or hair color, but I don't want anything that looks like a man or bald. I'm usually attracted the most to voluptuous women. Voluptous women who love skinny men us the best for me. I love a woman who embraced their gender role/differences given to them by God. Obviously, the relationship should be center about God, the other person, the interaction influence and improving your own weaknesses and strengths, but I cannot help when I am not attracted to certain women. This being said, I am not the strongest man ever, but I still embrace fully being a man the best that I can without sacrificing my ability to relate and be sensitive to women and everyone and everything else. It’s hard for me to decide in all this. I am a super gifted woman when it comes to male intelligence! Similarities are attractive but so are opposites in a way. However, being similar in terms of our looks might be helpful in our marriage bond or I could be facinated by a woman who has a different appearance.

I am a conservative evangelical Christian who goes to a non-denominational Protestant church where our founding creed is "in essential matters of ultimate and final personal salvation, unity, in non-essential matters, no matter how controversial they are as long as those stances do not void a person's salvation, liberty or diversity and all matters should be done with love, consent and appropriateness." I feel like I have researched my political and religious views into a hole (my own grave) by not being able to have a wife who can disagree with and not support me with the exact same views: biblical literalism (young earth creationism) when it comes to Genesis chapters 1-11, complimentarian views when it comes to women being able to exercise authority, preach, teach and pray over men in my church, a double predestination 5-point Calvinist, cessationist (depending upon the miraculous spiritual gifts in a specific situation) and progressive dispensationalism theology with some views of covenant theology.

Are all matched in saved Christian marriages exactly and perfectly what they are seeking in a spouse? No, certain matches are more beneficial for me, my future wife and us as a couple on the same page, but I do not want to compromise my beliefs in the Bible that are true. It would be a sin to let go of the truth for a lover, especially if there are consequences when it comes to how those sins impact my life and influences around me for the Lord.

I'm not a swinger or player, but I have made mistakes with committing to females to whom I was not wise and realistic with myself about how the "serious and official" relationship was not going to lead down a path for a functional, monogamous and hopefully happy for life marriage with at least some biological children. I don’t know what role my attraction to the female body would play in a lifelong, monogamous, functional and hopefully happy marriage.

The females that I dated in high school were not saved or Christian, but I have had some successes with developing friendships with believing women on dating websites and applications like this platform. Unfortunately, I run into more catfish on secular/free/matchmaking system-less dating services and there have been some catfish here more likely because this is a free platform without any dating matchmaking (questionaires, usually) features. No offense to anyone, but I am still saving up some of my money for dating and it looks like eHarmony is the best system for any person to get into a serious, official and monogamous relationship that typically leads to marriage. I do have an account on there, but it there are no systems for connecting me with a woman who can help me cope with my autism, learning disabilities, my interests, theological and political beliefs. To sum this paragraph up, do *not* pressure me into committing only to you because all of my past relationships like those types of relationships lead to failure and me second guessing and faking who I was in the relationship. Yes, I believe that official, serious and monogamous relationships usually mean that the couple plans on getting successfully married in the future and it is a big, world-shattering and life-altering responsibility that should not be taken lightly because of social or religious pressure or past bullying. I am still a virgin and hope to stay a virigin until I marry other complete virgin to have sexual intercourse, lose our viriginity together and have our first biological child(ren) all to ourselves.

Contact policy:
I do not want to give away as much information as possible for the first time that we contact each other. You can pay money to find out where a person is by knowing their cellular phone number. Some social media applications only allow for you to make an account through giving away your cellular phone number. Last names and location should be off limits. People hack into other people's email through simply having the other person open the message. Also, you can send an email with a link that shows where the person is.

In other words, I prefer to have a contact system with Skype, Kik, Instagram, Snap Chat, Discord or Instagram. I have different social media and instant messaging accounts to hide my last name, location and pictures of myself. It is completely not personal and I would hope that you and our possible children would be safe online, especially when it comes to dating on free, matchmaking-system less and secular dating applications and websites.

Please don't be afraid to talk to me. :applause:
First Date
Some where inexpensive to chat and maybe eat and/or drink without any traces of alcohol as well. If I met you online, then it would probably be a voice call. No offense, but I try to be safe on the internet by not giving away any personal information at first. Dating should take slow, but authentic and enjoying every moment forward baby steps as just friends. 👶 🦵 —-> 👫

I like in how online dating you have a better opportunity to stay as friends anyway.

Contact policy:
I do not want to give away as much information as possible for the first time that we contact each other. You can pay money to find out where a person is by knowing their cellular phone number. Some social media applications only allow for you to make an account through giving away your cellular phone number. Last names and location should be off limits. People hack into other people's email through simply having the other person open the message. Also, you can send an email with a link that shows where the person is.

In other words, I prefer to have a contact system with Skype, Kik, Instagram, Snap Chat, Discord or Instagram. I have different social media and instant messaging accounts to hide my last name, location and pictures of myself. It is completely not personal and I would hope that you and our possible children would be safe online, especially when it comes to dating on free, matchmaking-system less and secular dating applications and websites.

Please don't be afraid to talk to me. :applause:

If we meet in person, it would be after being in a committed, serious and official relationship in front of everyone and everything in our collective lives that we would all project that we would get successfully for life in a functional, monogamous and hopefully happy lifelong marriage, we both wound do a through, paid background check on each other and meet in public. 🖥 💻
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