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I am a quiet, smart and nice person. I graduated high school in 2011 and I am going to the local community college to study Psychology (which is close enough to Pastoring.) I love to learn about Religion, Theology, Science, Christian Apologetics, Philosophy, and Politics :peace:. I love listening to God-honoring music, and playing video games are my favorite thing to do.

Three things you need to know about me is I am on the high functioning autism spectrum, have several learning disabilities, and I want to be a pastor for a living. :angel: I am a relaxed guy looking for a girl that loves me for me, but loves God more.

There really aren't any good Christian girls that are my type or pay attention to me at my church, despite our immese growth. The young adult ministry for our age group is almost non-existant. I'm looking for someone at my spiritual level and calling, but it looks like that's too tall an order for a world of reality. I would like to have things in common enough that we believe the same things (religion and politics,) career goals (you can help me cope with my disabilities and help me pastor my church,) we need to balance each other out where there are negatives (like my disabilities that you can help me out with and my strengths complimenting yours in a different way of thinking about it; usually more traditional thoughts, since I am an unconventional thinker) and be best friends despite our attractions to each other.

I am kinda shy around girls in real life so I joined this site, but I am still looking for someone at my church. The career I'd like my woman to have would be in the speech or social working industry to help me out with my disabilities but also loves the church ministry like me. She doesn't have to be those things I mentioned first, but I'd like some help.

Currently, I got rejected by a girl at my church who could have helped me with my disabilities and I was crushed. She probably wasn't the one for me, but helping me out with my disabilities is the most important idea, even more so than being a pastor. It will be a hard find to find not only that characteristic, but the other needs/wants that I have and probably won’t change. The other things didn't fall into place, but I was willing to accept that for a harsh world of reality that sin resides in. Now, I don't know what to do since I am not connected with any women at my church, I think that no other women is viable for me and on dating websites (most of whom are secular, free, and without a matchmaking system) have people looking for sex outside of marriage and for me to send them money. I won't ever do those things. With my age being considered, I am running out of time to marry and have healthier children (hopefully who will no be as disabled as me) quicker than most men, because I am attractive to older women. Women, who are older than me are more mysterious, wise, experienced, and mature than I am, which I am looking for. Also, waiting too long can increase the possibility of contracting Autism and other birth defects (though we still don't know what causes Autism. ) That’s why I will try to have children before my wife is 35 years old. It is wrong to rush anything, but that facts are what they are.

I am looking Christian Girl who loves God just as much as me, looks to me for guidance, submits to me, has similar interests, hardcore Xbox gaming, listens to Rock, Rap and Heavy Metal :rocknroll: a virgin until married, will stretch my intellect, will always find her beautiful and exciting, shows constant affection, interesting personality, doesn't nag, compliments my personality (especially my weaknesses like Autism and LDs,) Conservative and Libertarian politically (I’m a Constitutionalist,) is laid back but has control, and who preferably isn't Autistic or learning disabled in my areas because I need help interacting socially and staying on top. I don’t want a bossy wife and mother for my children. . I like similarities, (I'm not racist or discriminatory but) I'd like to preferably have someone who was Scottish (she would sympathize with my vulnerablies) and light skin tone (from the same basic countries.) It would be better if I married someone from the same country as me and had a similar heritage as me, especially with our religious and political history. Stuff in common that we would both understand each other and could relate to each other, ya know? This doesn’t mean that I can’t date someone outside these ideas, it’s just typically easier for me to have those things in common. People can date whoever they want, even if they are different, as long as they still love each other for who they are. It is wrong to peer and guilt pressure me to do things that I don’t want to do and call me a bigot. It doesn’t help anyone. Racially Jewish woman can be attractive to me because they know what I go through as a pale skinned person. In fact, the best relationship that I ever had was with a half-Israeli girl when I was in high school. If an opposite or any other trait that they get in another person that they’d love more, who am I to judge if they like someone more who is different from themselves....?!?!! Just don’t judge me as a racist, okay...?? Marriages tend to have more acceptance based on similarities or desired traits over societal re-engineering, ok...???!!!!!!!!

I've decided I don't want to date anyone who is over 35, because we need time to date, get engaged, then get married, and finally have children. Five years after 30 is pushing it, but I don't want to block people out. Like I've said before, it turns out according to science that the longer you wait to have children, the more likely that person develops autism along with other birth abnormalities. I don't want to curse my children with what I have, but I can help them out with my experiences.

It's a well know fact that straight guys wanna really hot girl by their side and I'm no different. :excited: Sorry. I don't care about eye or hair color, but I don't want anything that looks like a man or bald. I'm usually attracted to either slim, athletic, or voluptuous women. Voluptous women who love skinny men us the best for me. I love a woman who embraced their gender role/differences given to them by God. This being said, I am not the strongest man ever, but I still embrace fully being a man the best that I can without sacrificing my ability to relate and be sensitive to women and everyone and everything else. It’s hard for me to decide in all this. Similarities are attractive but so are opposites in a way.

Please don't be afraid to talk to me. :applause:
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